Sunday, July 27, 2014

130th JOURNAL !... Part I & II

Part I of 130th Journal 25 July 2014
One of first Christian Illustrations...
When you begin your 130th Journal, the question obviously underlying doing so is; ‘what has been…’ ‘gained? …learned? ..achieved? …the serving purpose or useful purposes???
 Etc. etc. etc.  to all of these journals?
A recent anonymous gift literally at my homes front door left with it a note, it in-part shared; ‘PS you should journal more often, you be surprise how many people gain strength in their faith from your teachings. Well as you would say God speed Karen…” This encouraged this heart so, and to be honest had no clue anyone noticed. The sharing here is pretty quietly done. I do share at fb when I have updated my “other hat” but that is about it. This also convicted my spirit to press on with the sharing here, I need not be a scholar, or theologian, or writer (proper sentences and spelling elude me regularly) or anything more than i am, a believer that reads the Bible, journals, and shares what it found there.  Another part of the note read, “Very proud of you Karen, you have come a long way in your faith with God and your art work is incredible amazing!” That one brought a tear to my eye, of embrace.  I spend a lot of time alone these days, my life and work just is in solitude… not a choice, just is.  Funny when I began journaling I started my time to do so before the sunrise, because that was the ONLY quiet-time that I had alone.  That is how this became named “In His Light… Before The Dawn.”  It holds still both the figurative and the literal translation. 

We all have different personalities, life circumstances, ways… and even gifts.  We each embrace, nurture, share them in different ways.  Do not consider myself evangelical- can’t help though sharing my faith.  Generally its done gently- I HOPE- anyways. For personally, as we all have- I have been hurt by religious zealots.  Who or what are they?  Saul before Paul, is a Biblical example. Legalistic rule followers of their man made interpretations of God’s Word. 

Christianity- as with every walk in this life has its hypocrites and crazy’s that give what is actually a good- a bad

GOD is GOOD- Believing in Him is good too.  It’s more than that though, to walk in faith WITH God. Because guess who else believes in God, and His Word- satan… and he shutters. (“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31 full context chapter 8 or in part 8:31- 39 this passage)

I have heard a lot of friends tell me they are ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’…  I pray that when God points me out of a crowd He calls me ‘faithful’.
This faith walk is a life long journey of being sanctified… this is my 130th Journal of seeking God’s Truths.  Guess what?  I haven’t ‘arrived’ yet!  NONE of us do this side of heaven! 

Who is God?  Simply – God is Love. God is Light<>< Scripture: This is the message we have heard from Him and declare to you: God is light, in Him there is no darkness at all. 1John1:5

So…test the spirits in all that is done, where are you standing or stepping toward? …Light, GOOD, or not? Because another very simple truth is that there can be no union with the light and the dark.  It is physics impossible, as well as a spiritual one.  Another truth that may help you decide which is the better way to go… The LIGHT dispels the dark… every time!

IF you are feeling darkness consuming your way, pray to God that He may come and light your way with His Way—that by the way, put simply is my faith walk…  A daily battle too… for just like every 24 hours has light, it also has darkness.  Hence, the name of this time that I spend with the Lord studying the Word “In His Light… Before The Dawn.”  Pre-dawn, Not only is that the darkest part of the day, it is when the light shines the brightest too, meaning, when it makes the greatest impact.  Having great faith doesn’t mean darkness won’t come any longer – it simply means you never need stay there alone, and you can always have a way for it to be dispelled.

Do believe over time have developed the passion for all to know the Word of God as the LIVING Word of God that it is;  God breathed to us to be our breath of life, relevant to every breath we take in our today’s.

I’m not here to judge how you read it, or for you to judge how i read it, simply sharing how i do.  Its way more than historical- or 2000 years old as some like to claim as its irrelevance.  My opinion differs.  Do believe God’s truth, is God’s Word, God Breathed.  AND, one cannot read God’s Word with a sincere heart and not have Gods heart fill your heart more and more.
Do believe also it is not for me to pick and choose what part of God’s Word to believe or not.  You either believe Gods Word or you don’t.  Take note, with that statement comes a footnote; you cannot take Gods Word out of context or change it either.  Cover to cover is the God breathed.  Perhaps why my life verse came to be what it is, for it contains both OT and NT, it speaks to each heart without prejudices, in my humble, not-theologians opinion.  2Cor4:6 For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” made His light shine in our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the Face of Christ. <><<><<><
Noting that God said this at the Creation and God says it again in the new creation or new birth. (Gen.1:2-4) Darkness dispelled by the light of the Gospel.  When I was a new believer and quoting this scripture I use to put a ‘ … ‘ in place of  ‘in the face of Christ.’ A dear Godly prayer partner when they heard me say it that way, gently proclaimed ‘you left out the most important part!’ I, in this faith walk, have come to learn just how true that comment is “in the face of Christ” is  ‘The light of the knowledge of the glory of God.’  Over the years have learned the rest of another scripture too “The truth will set you free” That whisper- the one that ultimately led me to here – after seeking the truth in oh so many ways.  That full God breathed is John 8:31-32.  To the Jews who had believed Him, Jesus said,
“If you hold to My teachings (KJV word) you are really My disciples.  Then, you will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you free” <><<><<><
Not philosophical truth but the truth that leads to salvation.  Free equals, free from sin, not from ignorance.

On this faith walk, I have sought the truth, met the Truth, and have come to know the freedom of abiding in the Truth.
Jesus answered, ‘I AM the way, the Truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father accept through Me’ John 14:6

This part 1 of entry.  In this new age of instant sound bites am learning need to share sound bites not the sonnet.  A picture paints a thousand words – why believe was made an Artist… and given journaling for my many thoughts.  Every day, is not needed to be shared… but sometimes I guess I am to share beyond my quiet-time chair, what have come to call
 “In His Light…Before The Dawn”
The prayer in part: …as stand at this crossroads, stop, pause, seek Your ancient of ways (Jer 6:16 paraphrased in prayer) that lead to Your Good ways in my way.  Help please God.  Several book marks from the studying are at hand: 1 Thes 1:1 through CH2; Book of Jonah,; Psalms 139,140,141.  An Exhibit which has its foundation on Matt 3:16-17 “At That Moment…” paint the Trinity = a life call beyond one painting, one exhibit.  The Trinity 2Cor13:14 Grace…Love…Fellowship.  Cannot have one without the other…, is indeed this life’s call.  Six months left to prepare God, before hanging the exhibit, may all that see, see that the work that has been done, has indeed been done by God… simply because of continual faith walk that is said, by faith in YOU not me.  May Your wise building in me, be the foundation AND the completed work.  Red letters… “Put this money to work” I pray am doing in a manner that Your gifts and talents multiply for YOUR honor and glory. To pay each debt now the miracle hope.  As sanctification is a step by step – so is this.  What is impossible for man, is NOT for God.  All things are possible for God.  To have to repay each and even overflowing from that exceedingly more than can imagine giving, with also the ability to attend all that you know desire to…Knowing desire is not need. YOUR will be done.
Protect me also from the unscrupulous attacks too God and the stealing of my ways as their ways.  In the lesson of Jonah, do see must love with grace and fellowship to ALL-- for YOUR hope is that ALL are saved.  Don't run away. Speak. God again I lay all down to YOU and that JOY in Your Sovereignty.  You know the need at every spot for every person beyond what we see.  Thank you to YOU may put my trust.  Inspire me please God.  Be favor please God… with ability.  Be my mission… way and service God- In Jesus’ name Godspeed Amen.’

PART II of 1st entry of 130th Journal 27 July 2014

Part II starts with a back-track of Bible bookmarks on hand, and a re-reading of part I.  The current bookmarks 1Thes. 1:1- chapter 2; the book of Jonah; Psalms 139,140,141; plus, 129th Journal ended with a re-study of its last few days entries going back to July 18th.

This journal begins 6 months to the day an exhibit “At That Moment…” is to be hung.  Today marks 6 months to the day that the reception for that exhibit opens it up formerly to the public.  Ironically publicly in the secular market, a painting that has been rejected is the only painting in the exhibit like it, but it is also the cornerstone.  A painting that took 3 Bibles worn out over fifteen plus years of footnoting the same thought at the same scripture, Matt 3:16-17 to paint.  A literal illustration of how inspired to ‘paint the trinity’ {the footnote I wrote every time reading this passage, but never knew how that was even going to ever be possible}
'At That Moment...' oil by K Hitt copyrighted
“At That Moment…” illustrates just that as described in The Word.  Who can paint the Trinity- an unseen, an unknown, a mystery—yet known as clearly feel God breathed is God’s Word giving us our very breath Godspeed. Yet just as the wind, unseen.

Again I am NO theologian or scholar—simply a believer in God’s Word as the Living Word of God, and Jesus is our Word made flesh, our way our truth and our life.  A great mystery to paint, simply my hearts beat, as pray that God may know my heart and make within me a pure heart more and more each day.  An inspiration to illustrate came to be painted after many a year of it being pondered.  Prompted to do- yet never confident could, until when a perceived need arose. Red letters “She did what she could” from another passage- ‘Jesus Anointed At Bethany’ is a God’s living Word to this heart too, and often its peace beyond understanding in troubling times.  Simply a picture paints a thousand words and this word in Matt 3:16-17, long inspired the desire to ‘paint the Trinity’ that finally came to be when felt my painting it could serve a need.  That need, A fund raiser for a building-less church, and its painting to hang wherever God provides their church building home to be.  The God speed remains in His hands.  These hands simply inspired to paint a mystery, didn’t even know its title at the time, just its subject, models for it, and why.

Sharing God’s inspirations by the way sometimes can be very very difficult thing to do.  Because quite frankly – on the side of ‘its not done yet, it’s still in the works’—can leave one looking a little loony as working out the details.  At least I’m not prompted to build an ark in my front yard.  Like any illustration to be painted it needs models, if people are a part of it.  It gets a little odd asking for them to model, when the illustration is of Matt 3:16-17 and the hand written margin footnote is ‘paint the Trinity’  Let’s just say Pastor Matt and Mike M were good sports when I asked them to get in the gulf with specific clothes on for me.  Yup, another Godspeed.

Surely it is no coincidence as remembering all of this now—as 6 months marks the date before the exhibits opening.  Because that mystery continued to make itself more evident beyond the inspiration of one painting and fundraiser…
‘She did what she could” red letters were added to with ‘put this money to work’ found in the passage/parable of ‘the Ten Minas” for in the miracle of Godspeed… I was given one: a Minas that is, by a student turned patron.
Mystery continually made itself more clear visually and … lead me to better understanding of another beloved Bible verse;
2Cor 13:14. 

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ,

And the love of God,

And the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
<><<><<>< Yup—it’s the Trinity again.  This verse, in the mystery of Godspeed became abbreviated to Grace, Love, Fellowship and a tour.  The name given to why on earth I would get in my car by myself and journey over 21,000 miles in 5 months cris-crossing the USA before returning home. An unspoken, unknown mission at best, for God knows ‘I’ no saint or missionary.
Nope, I am an Artist.  Accept for locally, perhaps regionally, a fairly unknown one at that. The plan, tied work commitments, plus goals to grow as an artist, put this money to work, requested to do so nationally, so did what could, now that my youngest child had turned 22, free to do, was now even enabled. So momma took a road trip, a really big one.  Prayerfully God knew my motive of heart was to honor and glorify this miraculous gift.  When feeling like am failing at the work at hand, or mission of serving any one or anybody, or even providing an income with what I do is a little prompting to my spirit saying  
 “you may be an unknown, but you are not a nobody”
Enter in Karen Ann- that indeed is me.  And amazingly in Godspeed it continues to unfold mysteriously with absolute certainties. This really is each of us word of encouragement.

A footnote in the margin of all my Bibles as I wore them out and going onto the next new became a painting.  Rejected more or less, it hangs next to my easel awaiting its Godspeed home yet to be built.  Further understanding of that Scripture led me to better see another long time footnoted that led me on a tour/journey.

That now is six months out to being a major solo exhibit that a miraculous gift enabled the foundation of.  A leap of faith to do it.  And quite frankly more and more evident with each faith step as press on, could only been done this way…

Much rejected is indeed the cornerstone.  For as each- Godspeed is this simple Truth ‘we may be an unknown, but we are not a nobody’  we all have a mission – a purpose = a gift to share. 

Gods Word inspires us each with its God breathed as our breath to breathe in and His love to breath out and is relevant to every breath we take in our today’s’ 

This part II of this entry that marks the 130th Journal, and 6 months to the day of an exhibit opening that feel certain God only knows how it’s all going to come together.  Post it note on wall by easel reads “God’s not in a panic over this” which was read many a year ago on a friends wall, thumb tacked by the door.  Yup—it’s ALL Godspeed.  “Put this money to work” an undeserved gift… has grown and is still growing.  It wasn’t given to fix the holes in the roof from a static lightning strike, or fix other things on the long list of broken or not right…
It was given to enable work to be done, that had no physical means to do otherwise.  A painting, a tour, an exhibit… for what?--  A mission, from a footnote ‘paint the Trinity’  is now a call for life.  What is that? Grace Love…Fellowship.  Cannot serve one and not the other, it’s all a part of One.  One God —by grace, motivated by love enables fellowship with the unknown mystery—Godspeed.

Frankly so undeserving at best, no saint, more like a mess, pressing on in this faith walk, step by step, reflecting “At That Moment…” ‘she did what she could’ ‘put this money to work’ ‘…grace…love…fellowship’ where to begin, is the middle and the end.
How to paint the Trinity for life.  God only knows,  Do know A life can even be a complete mess, but completely blessed with each breath of it touched by the God breathed Godspeed in Jesus' name the Amen is spoken and it is done.

The notes and prayer: yesterday mom lost her sibling, Mary.  Known to us as Aunt Snook's, a childhood nickname of ‘snooks’ followed into an adult.  Never even knew her birth name until an adult myself.  Prayers for her homecoming, her family and loved ones that miss her today.  83 year old mom, while reflecting and also in the grip of all new too; be it technology when on a new ‘smart pone’ where amazingly to her, pictures can be sent with a touch, to being the eldest surviving of her family.  Grandpa, an Irish orphan, grew much from a little too, Godspeed.  Its all of our heritage in some way.  Grandpa an orphan, had a heart of adoption himself.  Mom therefore has one surviving sibling, a sister.  Yesterday as sat with mom she remembered the times with her, that sister only a few years older than her first child.   She also remembered taking her for an ice-cream cone.  
Mom and brother John ...he passed 2 months ago
 Little, seemingly insignificant memories make up each of our lives and how we reflect them “At That Moment…” are indeed each of our ministries, or mission in life … for we ALL are family and adopted into God’s family by grace Godspeed-- prayerfully with grace, love and fellowship the beginning middle and the end for all eternal purposes At That Moment… Godspeed

.Next Part III of 130th Journal entry – the bookmarks remain 1 Thes 1:1 through chapter 2, The book of Jonah; Psalms 139, 140, 141, Godspeed and yesterday Matt 418- 5,6,7 Red letters. And the closing of journal 129 summarized.  Pray God inspires  how all this/these is to be shared, if to share, and when – Godspeed indeed.  This part I II II more than a blog perhaps this time, and even a Bible Study too? God only knows... again, simply sharing beyond QT chair.
Prayers: to complete ALL the tasks at hand,  needs are to paint, frames, advertise, expenses covered to no debt, fix a lot ! Desire is to give exceedingly more than can imagine... 
One step at a time.  Keep the black widow away.  Keep the enemy away. Work hard with my own hands, mind my own business, and as far as it depends upon me, be at peace with all people.  You God the way, the Truth, and the life in Jesus’ Name. Acts 19:1-6-22-41… all of the chapter also next.
'At That Moment...' Exhibit of the 21K+ solo miles, en plein air, places and people that made up the epic journey...Godspeed

Monday, July 7, 2014

Good Drama VS Bad Drama...

Adirondacks Drama - Plein Air Oil By K Hitt

Package at door had hoped to send Thursday… didn’t have the ability to do so then.  Best intentions don’t change that.
Monday morn, in the studio at the crack of dawn for coffee and QT and a early start to work at hand.

Opened Gods Word to its bookmark; …immediately He spoke to them and said, “Take courage! It is I.  Don’t be afraid” (Mk50b) 51 Then He climbed into the boat with them, and the wind died down.  They were completely amazed, for they had not understood about the loaves; their hearts were hardened.

<><<><<>< Pause to ponder all just read here in this first passage.  These are Jesus’ disciples.  They just witnessed the miracle of Jesus feeding 5000+ with five loaves and two fish so they would be provided for while they came to hear Jesus’ teachings.

Immediately following that Jesus had them (disciples) get into the boat and go ahead of Him to Bethsaida, while He dismissed the crowd.  After leaving them Jesus went up on a mountainside to pray (for context and actual verses read Mk6:45-51)

There is much in these passages… much.  The disciples were doing exactly what Jesus asked them to do.
V47 When evening came, the boat was in the middle of the lake and He (Jesus) was alone on land. 48 He saw the disciples straining at the oars, because the wind was against them.  About the forth watch of the night He went out to them, walking on the lake.  He was about to pass them, 49 but when they saw Him walking on the lake, they thought He was a ghost.  They cried out, 50 because they all saw Him and were terrified.

In the ‘living’ Word of God see more than hope here in these passages.  See our human condition too, and lack of faith in our vision… or how things are seen.
TRUTH: Jesus sent them, AND Jesus saw their struggle as they journeyed on the path HE SENT THEM ON. Taking note of this on two accounts; 1. Difficulty came at no fault of their own. 2. Jesus saw it and came to aid them.
Also noting: what is labeled here ‘hearts were hardened’ is in fact our human condition and natural tendencies toward lack of faith in God. ??? Question not a statement.
Jesus came in the night to help them, but because of what the days (world) traditions or tales told were, instead of seeing the truth – they saw what society taught.  Interesting.  Ever happen to you?

You are going along in life, thinking in Gods will and on course and it gets harder than you can do alone.  You keep working, straining, trying to make progress, but find yourself no further ahead, and working literally against the wind or tide.  As you sit there, doubt moves in, mixed with fear.  Thinking all that is being done is to no avail.  Maybe I’m only talking to myself here.

Because it is dark, you can’t even see that you are getting nowhere fast.  God sees though and not only does He care, He comes to help.  You don’t even see that you just might need a little help from God.  Or better stated recognize that He came to help you!???

Truth remains always.  We live and work and do – in this world.  Jesus calls us to walk by faith not sight.  AND sometimes that defies reason…

Other times… well.  Re-read this passage.

If our minds our set on the worlds ways, when Jesus comes to help verse 50 is our truth: because they saw Him and were terrified’ (meaning they see in Jesus what the world wants us to think He is verses the TRUTH of who He is)

Has a prayer ever been answered for you, and your response was “that cannot be so?  If I tell anyone what just happened they’ll just think I’m loony?”

Well, I’ll confess, it has happened to me—and in the simplicity of the ‘living’ Word and taking the time to listen/read it this morn it has happened here today, this morn.

In self, the circumstances overwhelmed, though ‘thought’ on course.  Harsh reality find myself instead meeting the Monday, not only behind but with not enough resources to meet the demands at hand.  Doubt comes pouring in.  Broken record plays too ‘you can’t overcome’

Thank YOU God for Your LIVING Word and the Red letters of Christ in the passage read today; ‘Take courage ! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Therefore turning this Monday into a Red letter day!

Do I still have to get to the other side of the lake? YUP! By faith though don’t need to see in doubt, but simply trust that Jesus Himself saw little ole me rowing against the wind and has indeed come to my side and rescue.  It is the peace beyond understanding as press on – to take the next stroke.  Mine perhaps with a brush and not an oar.

Somehow will pull all together as needed on the ‘to do’ list longer than I am tall – with demands on it more than I have the means to meet.  God knows the needs.  Somehow each that is truly a need will get met… Godspeed. Yes, working hard remains the call too.
With Gods truth as how I see – GODspeed.
 The red letters day call:
“Take courage ! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” In Jesus’ name the peace beyond understanding comes, the wind dies down, enabling to overcome, keeping on course and yes, indeed, getting to the other side…
Leaving doubt and the world’s barrage behind.
Thank YOU God for reminding me that it is ALWAYS a Red Letter Day! Jesus knows, sees, and cares… and will always show the way and help the need.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Blessed vs Happy

Other Hat today shares in honor of the Forth of July and our Independence Day a painting by Frederick Church "Our Banner In The Sky"
Frederick Church "Our Banner In The Sky"
The first time that I viewed this actual painting was at the "Civil War" Exhibit in The Metropolitan Museum last summer.  The exhibit moved me to tears, as does this painting as know more of its timing in history when it was painted.  As an Artist, think it is inherent that passions run deep.

simply sharing from quiet time chair the inspirations from the word today
As an American, we all celebrate today that our passions run deep and that we may celebrate our freedom to express them and stand by our beliefs. In saving time, just sharing a picture of my journal from this morning.  Hope to not make any enemies... simply sharing the thoughts beyond my quiet time chair... that do believe it is more important to be 'blessed' than it is to be 'happy'

Happy Birthday America
May God Bless America indeed Godspeed

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Bible bookmarked at Matthew 4:18-5:21