Tuesday, November 26, 2013

crumbs... and Thanksgiving

Yesterday's prayers ended with the Red Letters of Christ and my constant need for prayer in 'God, teach me to NOT put YOU or others to the test for love - to simply TRUST IT IS TRUE and DO what is needed too- in Jesus' name. Amen'

in my weakness God's Red letters always lift my faith to visibly seeing God, in His Living Word, living out loud in life. 15:28 Matthew: Then Jesus answered, "Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted" and her daughter was healed that very hour. <><<><<><
The context 15:21-28 & Mark 7:24-30
The context - this Canaanite women knew by faith that even the crumbs from Jesus' main course offered more than anything on this earth could serve.  Life - through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Jesus' reply to her faith shares how God is the God - one for all - with NO PREJUDICES.  Yes, a set plan - as ALL THINGS call for a blueprint... The Truth remains that on the scale of God's purposes- we are ALL but a grain of sand on the scale of life.
That is not a measure of insignificance though, it is the measure of just the opposite -- we are a part of the omnipotent, omnipresence of God -- a part of His ALL THINGS dwells with us, as we dwell with Him. There is NO famon in God's Kingdom.  Even so called 'crumbs' serve up the miracle of life thru Christ.  As we prepare our Thanksgiving feast and family gatherings; this is perhaps a good focus... as we celebrate in abundance.
Abundance: be it crumbs from the bread, or a twenty pound turkey.  THAT is exactly where this nation began her Thanksgiving.  A thanks for being at the table, ALL a part of the feast.

He is that - our exceedingly more than we can imagine.
He can do more in a blink of an eye than we can in a life time.  He can do more with the crumbs that fall to the ground, than we can with a feast--
in ALL THINGS - Give Thanks this Thanksgiving- In Jesus' name Amen...
In Him the Amen is spoken, and it is done.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Beauty Matters... and we may choose to reflect it...

at the South Jetty in Venice FL
A NEW day... we can be standing in the exact same spot... and how it presents itself can be completely different than the last.  Beauty Matters, and we can choose to reflect that in the blessing of the day... no matter how it presents itself.
True confession, still avoiding 'thinking' because of that tear when do- that it allows.  Continuing to battle to surrender... an oxymoron in diction as it is in life.  The reality of it is its exactly where we need to be no matter what or how the day presents itself.  "Let go, let God" !!! In other words, and have been reciting that command to self.  Because there, at surrender to God- Complete surrender-
at the South Jetty in Venice FL
Florida Winter Whites By K Hitt Alla Prima Oil
is the GOOD in the unknowing of what even to hope for.  Yes, the battle to surrender perhaps the great oxymoron of life indeed.  Simply knowing that by faith - GOOD are God's Plans.
AND that His exceedingly more than we can even imagine- demands our 'all' to let lose, let go, for us to see... with eyes of faith- not sight.

YES we MUST continually work hard with our own hands; NOT be slackers, and not be a selfish pity party celebration too. Of course 'sadness' in life enters in, of course there will be tears.

The rose perhaps its grand illustration.  Or the sea the grand illustration of grief.  This the time of year when we all emphasize what we have to be thankful for in this life.  Its a GOOD place to start every day.  Even when a day comes and you only see that list of all thankful for through tears.  Truth remains, blessings & God's exceedingly more not only remains- JOY abounds.
Happiness is but temporal.
JOY is eternal.  We may hold on to that truth when the beautiful rose pricks us... or the beautiful sea has crashing waves... then a calm, only to roll in again... another crashing. 
Roses remain beautiful
So does the sea...
So does the day
So does this life... and thankfulness for this blessing of a day that the Lord has made - that we truly may rejoice and be glad in it.  Thank You God JOY remains in Your Sovereignty. 

so in all the prayer- may the work of these hands honor and glorify You God- and reflect Your beauty that You inspire these eyes to see- especially when they choose to see by faith, not by sight.  Yes Beauty matters, and we may always chose to reflect that all that we see- Godspeed.