Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching His Scent... At Last

Catching His Scent… At Last
detail of "Catching The Scent..." Plein Air Oil- by K.Hitt
From the midst of leg IV of the Grace Love Fellowship tour… waking before the dawn, which have come in this life to name “In His Light… Before The Dawn” it never ceases to amaze me how brightly the light shines from the dark.  The only darkness… come to realize is fear… and we only hear ‘fear’ when we forget who stands near, saying- “ Do NOT be afraid”- Jesus. 
Something unexpected on this journey… is how a beloved that haven’t seen for years… has met me on many a road with its sweet sweet unforgettable scent; lilacs. They met me again here, as returned from a long day of literally 4 wheel driving my Tahoe into brown roads marked with no names on my map… and when arrived there come to find they are labeled with colored squares nailed to the trees along the way… that stand the test of time.  After the day literally exploring high and low the back country of Colorado… even gazing upon the Continental Divide…  I finally stopped to paint along the dirt roadside literally just down the smaller dirt road where I am staying.  Where I am staying by the way, have been trying to get to for seven years now I think it is.  Blessing? Yes, and beyond.
In all of these blessings that abound…  I ironically wake with a twinge of fear. Why? The haunting question, ‘what good am I doing with all the gifts given here?’  Paintings in various stages tucked away into my Tahoe… So many are also yet to paint… with my eyes closed to remember the glory before me when inspired…  This, this is where I woke, “In His Light… Before The Dawn” this morn: silent whisper in my ear, in fear, asking, what good am I doing here?
Today’s journaling;
3June2013 Today my baby brother turns 50! May JOY abound for him Lord….
Father, Thank YOU for bringing me here.  “At That Moment…” the Holy Spirit descended like a dove, heaven opened up and The Father in heaven said ‘This is My Son, whom I Love” as memory recalls Mathew 3:16-17.  Inspirations verses of The Trinity these eyes see.
Birds have been my predawn alarm for two months now.  Father- this GLF tour, so much to see, sometimes overwhelmingly so, as to the how to discern just what to paint.  10K+ miles will equal 10K+ photos… Father, how many paintings? Number unknown.  Do know they each reflect the extraordinary of YOU in our today- everywhere we look- with eyes of faith it’s there to see- Grace Love Fellowship; God sent, God breathed…
We may walk in faith, not by sight- Yet in that, the Truth is known and seen and is our freedom to simply proceed Godspeed… and in so doing – all that we see reflects The Glory of God tenfold.
We in Him, and He in us. Because He lives, we also will live.  May we live the Glory of His God breathed out loud, reflecting tenfold the Majesty and Glory of God as it unfolds before us.  That is our truest testimony- Yes; “ Let him who boasts boast about this, that he understands and knows Me, That I AM The Lord    who exercises kindness      justice and righteousness on earth    for in these I delight,
Declares The Lord’ (jer9:24)
The beginning of all wisdom – is – the fear of the Lord.  In the Hebrew, that is translated as reverence here.  For the words of Jesus to your saved soul and opened heart are; “Be NOT afraid”
Yes.  That is the TRUTH speaking to your heart.  Yes, that is the God breathed we may reflect.  Yes, that is our walk of faith not sight we may proceed in.
The ‘living’ verse God gave to this spirit that speaks this out loud to this heart is 2 Cor 4:6- For God, who said, ’Let light shine out of the darkness’ made His light shine in our hearts to give to us the knowledge of the glory of God, found in the face of Christ.<><<><<><(as memory writes it)
Our freedom is that there is no darkness that can dispel that light.  And that light is God, for God IS light.  And that light is in you, it is in your heart, it is faiths heart beat there.  It is the very breath of God-   God breathed for you, that you may breathe in breathe out… the glory of God in you.
There is no divinity of us- YET ALL THE DIVINE consumes us.  That indeed is 2Cor13:14.  May the grace of Christ Jesus, the love of the Father, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
Press on to take hold of that which Christ Jesus took hold of you for- “Be NOT afraid” “…The Truth will set you free”- free to live out loud and reflect the God breathed God sent Godspeed.
We indeed are all on the Grace Love Fellowship tour, that culminates to the ‘At That Moment…” exhibit.  That exhibit is our reflection of Gods vision to our vision, Gods way to our way, Gods heart in our heart… literally God in ALL things, and lest we not forget the most indescribable gift in this all-
Is that each and every one of us is here by grace.  Thank YOU GOD!  Yes, let him who boasts boast of this- that he understands and knows Me- that I AM The Lord who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth – for in these I delight- declares The Lord.
Forever and ever AMEN.
K being blessed by a gift...
Thank YOU God for answering my silent prayer “What am I doing here?” “What good is to come from this?” For began this journey with Your Red letters “Put this money to work” the hope and the prayer.  To multiply tenfold for Your honor and glory the gifts and talents given.  Is this a monetary call? “put this money to work”- How can it not be God.  Oh God, may it be done, in all that am inspired and convicted to do.  
 Grace precedes, Love blankets, Fellowship Counsels…
In the Works..."The Aroma's Forever Embrace" K.Hitt== Plein Air Oil

This the God breathed, breathed in this morn- “In His Light… Before The Dawn”  Song birds sing out their song…’wake up, press on’
in this world these thoughts perhaps perceived as unrealistic or as flighty as the hummingbird that flutters by-
Alas, as much as that hummingbird’s flutter is immeasurable – so is our faith walk- flight.  Thank YOU God for waking me to Your light before the dawn, Your light is in my heart to give to even me the knowledge of the glory of God found in the face of Christ.  He is the whisper, ‘the truth will set you free’ abiding therefore in the glory of that Truth – I press on  
Thank YOU God, its Godspeed.  Which is Grace – Love – Fellowship – indeed.
<><<><<>< these perhaps my personal journal entries… somehow for some reason compelled to share beyond ‘quiet times’ chair.  May they inspire the God breathed to be your breath Godspeed- In Jesus’ name- Amen.