Sunday, July 26, 2015

GIFTS, we all have at least one...

started 137th Journal today...

This painting is titled, "Cindy's Gifts"-- it was painted plein air (a French term, meaning 'open air', or out door painting) in my new sister-in-laws backyard.  Their gardening is truly a 'gift' that all of us simply do not have.  It is just one of many of their gifts, it was one of the ones that I  couldn't wait to reflect.Another 'gift' in this painting is the quilt hanging on the clothes line.  It was made by Cindy's Husbands Grandmother.  To them, when they view this painting, that adds to the sentiment in it.  Its funny, when Cindy looks in her yard, she sees weeds that need pulled, or different things that need doing   Beyond the service work to be done. Humbly not recognizing her gift and talents in all that she does.  She also has the gift of caring and hospitality. For this artist's eye, that made the yard all the more special, above its welcoming call and beautiful blooms.  Beyond the service beauty, is what these eyes saw. Just as we all see things differently, we all have different gifts and talents too.  The key, is to apply them in a manor that they may be shared and grow, hopefully multiplying for God's Glory, who endowed them to us, and never bury them in insecurity or fear, allowing them therefore to be wasted.
     I do not know if all this journaling that I do is a gift to anyone but myself. I do not know why sometimes I feel compelled to share the writings from my quiet-time chair. Maybe some just see it as a disorder of one that 'thinks too much'.  It has helped me to not worry over the years.  When you see things written down in black and white, many times they do not look as big as how they do when they are taking over thoughts, and stifling out other more positive ones. When the journaling is dedicated to being a prayer journal, to study and learn the truths of God's Word, it adds to the exercise. God's Word, delivers a "peace beyond understanding" i do believe every time.  Well, this is the beginning of my 137th Journal.
I photographed the actual pages.  Click on any of the images to enlarge them. to save time and writing twice, copied into here the pictures.  Another gift that am on... my #USAHoneymoon.  We are off to enJOY a Sunday afternoon drive, 4 wheeling style.  Have a blessed day... Godspeed.