Thursday, February 9, 2012

By ALL accounts...

'A True Story'- Acrylic- K. Hitt- copyrighted

Mark 16:8 Trembling and bewildered, the women went out and fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid.
This one verse I paused at today.  Before it an angel speaks to them; after,  (the earliest manuscripts do not have Mark 16:9-20) Jesus Himself – The Risen Lord, speaks to Mary Magdalene.

What I see here with these human eyes of mine is Jesus’ mother, and the one forgiven much, who loved much, Mary Magdalene…
Were prepared to undertake and do an emotionally difficult duty to care for Jesus after His crucifixion: and “anoint His body”.  As they walked they pondered how the large stone (placed to guard against any entering or leaving the tomb) would be moved away for them to enter the tomb.  In all, they could humanly ponder and contemplate the way and the how to handle this difficult duty, that they were prepared for. 

What they found, no man could prepare them for.

Nothing was as they expected it to be.  Even though Jesus, before He was crucified told them, He would rise again, and they would see Him again.  (16:7)

As read here in Mark, there is a desire to turn to the same passage in the other Gospels to hear how they read.  God breathed, absolutely believe the Bible to be.
In this being said:
Just as an artist, a fishermen, a doctor, see and hear the same thing differently, with different emphasis to the details at hand… as I read here, desire is simply to seek more.  Apparently Mark 16:9-20 being later added to this account perhaps came about the same way….???  They added perhaps not as a lack of faith or truth in the wonder of wanting to know more, just the certainty there is more than “they said nothing to anyone, because they were afraid”…
The fact that we have ‘God breathed’ Gospel here tells us they did speak.  What and when what happened from here – God’s Spirit knows.  We have been given ‘God breathed’ testimony, The Word of God-
So now turn to these passages in
Mathew 28:8 So the women hurried away from the tomb, afraid yet filled with joy and ran to tell the disciples.
11-15 “The Guards Report” shares how the chief priest paid off the guards to not tell the Truth of what they witnessed and that till this day, their story has been widely circulated among the Jews.
<>< THESE precede ‘The GREAT Commission’ in MT 28:16-20
Luke 24:1-12 “The Resurrection”
John 20:1-18 “The Empty Tomb”   John shares Mary M. is alone finding Jesus “Not in the tomb” and she going to the Disciples to tell them.  As Luke he also shared Peter is the Disciple first to enter to look inside and witness The Empty Tomb.
John 20:10-18 “Jesus Appears To Mary Magdalene” – this account, have myself personally, most often read and underlined and held on to….
These ALL share the same though:

“He Has Risen” – Just as Jesus foretold He would.

The awe of this witnessed to/of/by those that witnessed it… shared in the Gospels… The awe and wonder remain. The ‘God Breathed’ Word for us to hear the hearts there, as inspired to share their account from the heart of God to ours.

Yes, there is much to ponder as in – imagine.  The artist in me seeks a Word Picture, perhaps.  This morning – though have read it many, many, times, Marks account and verse 16:8 rose up and stood out.
My spirit hearing here how when the predicted, though extremely difficult heartache that it was, it was still predicted; and when it turned into the unexplainable, though known as a Truth – “trembling and fear” were adjectives used to describe it.
Matthew ‘afraid yet filled with joy…’ So in prayer take all of these and seek Jesus’ face, that His Spirit may counsel this spirit to hear the Counsel The Living Word is to share here --- to this heart: That His Fill, may fill to overflowing Gods Way into mine. – that is the prayer as study on.

An assurance was seen in hearing ‘tremble and afraid’ is not only felt by myself when the predictable and hard – turns into the unexplainable, yet certain God given Truth… and an absolute. The “Speak nothing”???... Seems out of sync with Gods Way.  Pause to Ponder much before my Lord.  Ponder much – pray He speak to my spirit His Spirits Counsel needed – yes, I paused, and I prayed.

The previously written- ‘inspired to share their account’ – comes back to mind.  For this is each and every one of ours – “GREAT COMMISSION”

To share how Jesus is in our lives and our relationship with Him. – Or even how we ourselves came to encounter and witness the Risen Lord as our Savior, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel, God With Us.

As in Marks account when the difficult, though predicted, turns into unexplainable – but certain of Truth-

…sometimes our FEAR leaves us silent in our witness of Jesus in our lives.
F ace
E verything
A nd
R ecover
His perfect love casts out FEAR.
This, the message God knew I needed to have breathed into my heart and to hear this morning. 

Amazing Love, Amazing God, Amazing Encounters with Jesus EVERYTIME YOU SEEK HIS FACE… especially in the predicted, extremely difficult places you know that you are entering into – He WILL answer with His Spirit to your sprit with the account that your heart needs to hear!

Theology of course is relevant to true Bible Study.  Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, replaces the God Breathed Living Word of God that He desires for you to hear.  Yes, this leaves me trembling, still afraid, yet JOY filled and knowing He Himself has sent counsel to my spirit to NOT be afraid. 
His perfect love, casts out FEAR
God sent

Thank you GOD, lead me on, in Your Way to my way I pray- In Jesus’ name. AMEN<>< and Amen.  Respecting the AMEN in HIM.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Back in Jeremiah. Ok, may i hear The Word for me to hear and may my heart see with the eyes of God's heart to my heart in it.... the quick prayer and study here.

Jeremiah 35:3 Note.  "Jaazaniah" means - " The Lord hears"  It was a common name in Jeremiah's time and appears on a stamp seal  (discovered at Tellen - Nasbeth north of Jerusalem and dating c 600bB.C.) as well as on one of the *Lachish Ostraca. (son of Jeremiah is NOT Jeremiah The Prophet) *pottery from Lachish -[see notes NIV Study Jer. 34:7
The Lord has me 'learning' much, as try to better understand all behind Jeremiah 34:9- 35:19 Just read.

Simplistic Response: No matter their name, or heritage, or station in life -- The Ones whom keep their vows to the Lord (yes be yes, no be no, promise be promise) are able to be used for Gods Good Purposes; serve God continually; as He inturn blesses them continually.

The ones that do not keep thier oath, simply by their action have turned themselves away from God.

And in the FREE WILL Sovereignty of God - He will leave them in the freedom of that choice.

It is NOT theat God does not love them or care - They simply made their choice to choose 'their' way, over God's.  This is what God's message, even in the O.T. is to the ones that do the opposite:
Jeremiah 35:19 Therefore, this is what The Lord Almighty, The God of Israel, says: 'Jonadab' son of Recab will never fail to have a man to serve ' Me."
Historical noting: traditions in the Jewish Mishnah claim that the Recabites were later given special duties to perform in connection with the Jerusalem Temple built after the return from Babylonian exile.
Some may argue that faith and the hearing of the Holy Spirits Counsel through Christ Jesus as our Savior, Redeemer by How Great is the Love of God that He gave... that we NEED not know the Historical or History - Theologically speaking.

I simply find it facinating that what I ahve been given to Read in The Bible, God Breathed, Living Word of God - is also Factual, AND Historical on the timeline of World History.  Kings, broken pieces of pottery, artifacts, Temples, just one of many things that mark the authority and accuracy of The Word.

Some chooose to discount its accuracy because of its numerous contributors, AND ancient accounts.  Giving themselves a license to discount its relevance to 'their life today'  I say - (with NO authority) NOT TRUE AND can NOT be further from the TRUTH.

We ALL Know History Repeats itself.  The readings here in the O.T. show God's response through His Prophet of that day to Two Groups of People.  One that kept their vows, therefore God's foundation.  And those that chose to not.  I find it VERY interestitng - God's choice of WORD here, to underline : Jer. 34:17 in part...

" I now proclaim 'freedom' for you, declares The Lord - 'FREEDOM' to fall..."


Now that is PRETTY dang sobering to those brave enough to LISTEN!

Can not help but equate this/these to the United States of America to a degree.  'Jaazaniah' means- 'the Lord will listen' a common name that also appeared on a stamp or seal, from its day 600 B.C.

"One Nation Under God"  "In God We Trust" on the History of America, our seals, our currency, our documentations.

Some think its time to 'get current' and  'tolerant' and 'unprejudiced' ???  Whatever they choose to call it.  They think it wiser to ERASE our heritage and our history.  This, does anybody think it may be wiser to take our lessons from HISTORY?  Take God out? He, the only ONE who HAS NO PREJUDICE and LOVES ALL no matter color, creed, sex - His ALL is the Truth of ALL.... Created.

To remove God from our foundation is the Sovereignty of Gods FREE WILL CHOICE HE will always leave in our hands to choose.  In reply - Do we REALLY want to hear from God this:
"So I now proclaim 'freedom' for you" declares the Lord- "'Freedom' to fall..." ??????????

We ARE 'The Land of The FREE' Historically, Foundationally, THAT FREEDOM came at a very high price, with a very sound foundation: "In God We Trust" and ' One Nation Under God"

I pray we both personally and collectively as a NATION - NEVER choose to throw our TRUE freedom away.  It is because 'In God We Trust' we are free to LIVE abundantly, and 'will never fail to have a man (women or child) to serve' Me (God).

'...the Truth will set you free...'  That quote many like to share and it is the whisper in my ear that ultimately brought me to the Word of God after trying to find the truth and purpose of it everywhere else.  Here is 'The Truth" spoke of in that quote: ' ...Jesus said, 'IF you hold to My teachings (KJV-Word) you are really My disciples.  Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free." (John 8:31-32)

God will always give you the free will to 'believe' whatever you want to believe.  Be prepared to LIVE with the consequences of YOUR choices.

There is an Absolute Truth, whether you choose to believe it or not, Its Truth will remain.

I profess, have sought the Truth, have met the Truth, and have come to know the freedom of abiding in the Truth,.  Jesus is the way, the Truth and the life.  He IS God WITH US... if we choose Him to be.  The choice is forever our own to make.  NO ONE can make it for us.

Leaders need to choose carefully, for the choices they make greatly effect others.  America grew to be Great, and the land of the FREE by the foundational choices her leaders took.

Nothing has changed.  Hear this lesson from history, both personally and as a part of this Great Nation.
Which Word of the Lord do you desire to hear:
'so I now proclaim 'freedom' for you.' declares the Lord- 'freedom' to fall...'
'will never fail to have a mann to serve' - Me" -God.  In Jesus' name.

GOD by love gave us GRACE through Jesus and from Him fellowship with The Holy Spirit as our Counselor.
We all arrived to Christ the same way:
Amazing LOVE
Amazing GRACE
Amazing TRUTH
          may WE reflect these in Jesus' name - AMEN