Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Coffee Table Inspirations- Lighter Side

Coffee Table Inspirations- Lighter Side
After the past three days, that had me in a bit more intense than usual study and thought… I kind of chuckled at what collection had formed on my coffee table this morn.  If it’s any indication of my makeup, well, here goes- top to bottom, mainly in order of size:
The Declaration of Independence & The Constitution of the United States Of America- forward by D. James Kennedy, PH.D.; The Indwelling Life of Christ- All of Him in All of me- Major W. Ian Thomas;  
Readers Digest- feature 50 Secrets Your Vet Won’t Tell You; Dave Ramsey- Financial Peace Revisited

National Geographic July 1991- feature The Wyeth Family; Veranda Magazine- feature American Classic

Reader’s Digest- The Most Scenic Drives In America; American Marine Painting- John Wilmerding;  

OPA 21st Annual National Exhibit Catalog; and added to these a basket of hydrangea’s and some cool ole’ candles on a piece of cobalt blue sea glass… all sitting atop a rugged antique trunk well beyond the call of refinishing or painting… the more nicks the better… and oh yes, a glass of water left behind.

What does such a core piece say… is this my lamp on the stand?  Just a curiosity thought… for making light of the intensity of study from the last few days.  What does the core piece feature in one’s home say?  Polished and pristine, no finger prints allowed, the latest best seller, or the daily newspaper, children’s toys, baby bottle, or an iPad…

Next to all of these on mine, sits my quiet-time chair that faces the big picture window.  A chair that recycled from a rummage sale dare I say 15 years ago plus! I bought it for $3.50! Saw beyond the upholstery it came with to its awesome swan arms… and then bartered the re-upholstering. Of all the pieces of furniture here, it is one that would move with me… and yes, the beloved coffee table/trunk too.

Are these my lamp on the stand?  Perhaps in part, but as the ‘on the surface’ are just things.  As I live in a place that began the weekend where forecasters predicted an eye of a hurricane to pass through… the new week only saw it pass by. Much to our relief here, but heart with added sincerity and prayers go out to those in the next predicted path – and all the uncertainty that lies with it.

For the Truth of the matter is… when call to evacuate – all these “things” get left behind in their unimportance.  What made up the core feature in your room – is gone – what does your interior look like?  For that is the life preserved.

As ponder from this morning’s ‘quiet time’ chair, the In His Light… Before The Dawn moment from here is:
Creation In His Hands-K Hitt
For that life to be preserved is why Jesus came.  He came to save what we alone could not.  Many Scriptures pictorially paint Him for us- ‘Anchor for the soul’ is one that always close my eyes to, to imagine it.  Dr. David Jeremiah shared that picture is not a picture of an anchor dropped to the bottom of the sea- No, instead it is a anchor that is steadfast moored/tied securely to heaven… and at the right hand of God with Jesus.  Straight up to Him. 

As the latest hurricane churns in the gulf… think that’s a wonderful visual to hold on to.  Jesus as our anchor, holding us steadfast.  Our ‘stand’ for our lamp may illustrate the core of our room… it is not our lamp.  That lamp journeys with us.
Another pictorial scripture ‘lamp unto our feet.’ That in the Biblical times it was written in, illustrated the travelers lamp.  It was literally strapped around the ankle to light the step.  Not implied to show what was at the END of the road… but thoroughly illuminating the step needing to take now and the immediate path it is being taken on.

Perhaps we all don’t read the Bible with the eyes of an artist.  Gary Smalley shares the impact that words make… versus a word picture. Like this pastel "Sapped in a Snap" done from a Charlie aftermaths view...

Jesus speaks in parables for that reason too.  Our life is to speak God’s Word as living out loud word pictures, and parables too.  Sometimes it’s nice to ‘see’ the eyes of faith, that we are called to walk by.
Coffee Table inspirations may 
define the core of the room… they though merely as the stand.  The Good News is that they are NOT the light; Jesus is the light of the world.  He is the lamp unto your feet.  He will give light to EVERY step needing to take.  A certainty especially in uncertain times, where the lamp stand may be left behind, He, Jesus, never need be.  You are anchored to heaven, and He is lighting your steps.  As hurricane Isaac churns, may the Prince of Peace calm every spirit with His Spirit.
In Jesus’ name-  the Amen is spoken.

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