Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Master Draftsman

Da Vinci - sketch book Grotesque series
 Today's "In His Light... Before The Dawn" actually had me take note of Art imitating Life.  My latest entry at my Art Blog, is so much a part of this entry am noting it here for you to reference the examples in the step by steps of drawing to today's study. K.Hitt Out & About- Step by Step Drawing Demo

Today's illustrations are from the Master Draftsman - Leonardo Da Vinci.  These from his sketch book and in his Grotesque Series of Portrait Studies.  They perfectly illustrate today's study.

For the sake of time, once again I have simply photographed journal pages to share the writings.  Hope that you can read my handwriting too. To view images larger, simply click on them

 And the prayer that followed:

 In Jesus' Name <>< <>< <>< Amen

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