Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Distracted, distracted, distracted. The Prayer: Help please Lord, wheel my focus into Your perspective please. ...
Bible Bookmarked At Acts 15:20-16:5

That which stands out 15:36-41 "Disagreement Between Paul and Barnabas"-
After reading these verses, then study notes- Like seeing (learning) here in those notes that the one; Mark - whom Paul opposed to having come along here- by the end of Paul's Ministry was the one whom he requested to come be with him during his final days.
Also noting in spirit an oxymoron seen here too - inasmuch how Barnabas was the first to encourage and accept Paul into the Ministry after his conversion too. Wonderful Barnabas- The Encourager indeed.
So, in these it is plain to see that God truly does work all together for the good for those that love Him. Working with many in ministry quite regularly, most likely brings separate thoughts out too. Here we see two mission fields were covered instead of one...
And in the end, they came together as one- in Christ...
as we all are blessed to be too.
May we test the spirits for being in alignment with the Holy Spirit... as we each are called to press on--------- In Jesus' name <>< Amen

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