Monday, March 25, 2013

A 'Grace Love Fellowship' tour/journey culminating to "At That Moment..." Exhibit

"At That Moment..." Oil by K. Hitt copyrighted

A ‘Grace Love Fellowship’ tour/journey… is culminating to “At That Moment…” Exhibit, to be back at where it all began- Venice.
Inspired to do, over 15 years ago, God has inspired this hearts reply to live His God Breathed out loud in this way…
Realizing “At That Moment…” inspired by Matthew 3:16-17 literally. Grew to seeing it is more than a picture to paint, it is a way to live life; Grace, Love, Fellowship is literally 2 Cor 13:14… and a call as to how to live this life is to ‘paint the Trinity’ with it.  Written in the margins of my first Bible, then my second Bible, and now my third Bible, every time read this Scripture, it was the message/whisper/inspiration received.  And yes, that was written the first time in the margins over 15 years ago. 

Well can say, this morn, is even more of an answer to prayer.  One that was cried many a time over the years “why try?” and the other for clarity of ‘how/what to do?’

Before this was written in the margin over 15 years ago.. was another cry, that perhaps came out as a na├»ve prayer “surely there must be more “  From that, came a whisper… “the Truth will set you free…” It started me searching for it: The Truth, that is. Came to find, after looking just about everywhere else, from where this whisper came… it indeed is also from the God breathed LIVING Word of God.  It entirety of passage or context found in John 8. “ IF you abide in My teachings (KJV-word) then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free…”  At the risk of some of you thinking me perhaps a little loony, I may sincerely share…
This search has brought me to, Meeting The Truth, Learning more and more of The Truth, and coming to know the freedom of abiding in The Truth… and it all has been God sent, Godspeed… even when He heard me cry, ‘why try?’

This Journey, took to journaling… because first Bible sincerely read, was on loan, and didn’t feel could write in it.  The journaling continued, long past that… this is the closing entry of my 121st Journal:
25 March 2013  Today begins “At That Moment…”; Super Full moon tonight also… Art Insurance; Pay for frame; jotted down onto the ‘to do list’  Today is the Raffle Lord Jesus.  Help me to get the tickets right.  May exceedingly more come from the Raffle too my Lord.
Thank You ______(leaving names out) and I both watched ‘The Bible’---  God, thank YOU it was on TV.  Thank YOU we may live in the land of the free.  Thank YOU this nations freedom is founded on You God.  It is why we came to be.  You God ARE our Liberty, Joy in Your Sovereignty and Freedom to worship You freely.  God bless America.  Help her Lord. The vote in the Supreme court,…defined by You God, prayerfully upheld as our foundation.  God, on Your ROCK we are defined, may it be how we stand.

“At That Moment…” Exhibit, “Grace, Love, Fellowship” tour.  God, You are the foundation, and starting point – over 15 years ago?  Yes!  ‘Paint the Trinity’ written in the margin of many, all 3 of my Bibles.  Whenever saw the scripture, it is what the words painted in my mind.  Your living word; according to our faith, we each are reached.  To landmark a/our homeless church with a home, its new home where it (the painting) will hang, and that You will build permanently for The Bridge.  That need, coming to inspire to paint literally the margin scribble.  Then, ________(again names left out) giving me a place to paint.  A sabbatical? To paint You God? Too beyond my ability… yet…

In my passion to carry Your light into the dark, especially to those that do not know that they are there--- I see my Lord how ‘paint the Trinity’ is more than a picture; it is the way to live life.  The “At That Moment…” illustrates ‘Grace Love Fellowship” – THIS tour, culminating to “At That Moment…” Exhibit, shall do the same, or should I say, IS to do the same.  That is the purpose of this all- To illustrate pictorially “At That Moment…” how Grace, Love, Fellowship appeared along the way and illustrate it as Your LIVING WORD that IS the Living Word of God- God breathed and relevant to every breath we take in our today’s.

God, You are not only enabling me to Paint--- YOU are answering my cry ‘why try!?”  You have orchestrated a miraculous way to proceed even.  In Jesus’ name as the foundation and way ‘At That Moment…” illustrate, ‘paint the Trinity’ – That is the ‘Grace, Love, Fellowship tour.

God be my focus, purpose and way to stay on Your Path, wherever it may lead.  I know the illustrations are of “Grace, Love, Fellowship’ journey culminating “At That Moment…” Exhibit, back at where it all began- Venice; 1995.

Father, bless the raffle today, to raise funds for gasoline to fund this journey in Jesus’ name.

Inspire the rest, step by step. “He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness… but shall have the Light of Life” John 8:12 – YOU God ‘the lamp unto my feet’ It lights each step- the journey is in Your hands.  Yes, God… YOU just clarified, and restored my peace that am walking with You as proceed on the “Grace, Love, Fellowship” (2 Cor 13:14) tour culminating “At That Moment…”(Matt3:16-17) Exhibit, is a prayer, footnote in my Bible; ‘paint the Trinity’  It is time for the journey to begin indeed, yet have been on it for some time – God sent, Godspeed, one step at a time, You God have answered the prayer---
Why try?’- In Jesus’ name, no more tears, accept of joy, to see You bringing to life in every breath, every step is a way for this life to ‘paint the Trinity’ “Grace, Love, Fellowship” yes; culminating “At That Moment…” Exhibit. In Jesus’ name, Thank You God.  Lead me on.
Now you may also see why God made me an Artist.  No Writer, No theologian, Thank YOU GOD a picture paints a thousand words.
122nd Journal begins tomorrow.
Raffle to fund gasoline for this step of the “Grace Love Fellowship” tour, journey is tonight
God painting more and more the picture of how to ‘paint the Trinity’ with this life; God sent, Godspeed. Amen.  And in Him the Amen is spoken, IT IS DONE.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Morris Code...???

Morris Code, the form of communication that can always get through?  Learned something new from a loved one today:
- .-. ..- . ....... .-.. --- ...- .

Morris Code for TRUE LOVE

now if someone is sending that out on the wire... what would your reply be?  THAT the question the lesson caused me to ponder.  Romans 12 answers it in part at LOVE
A lot of people reference 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 known as the LOVE Chapter too...

What does TRUE LOVE look like to you?
I must say, that it looks like GOD to me... for GOD is LOVE
it is ONLY for LOVE that we were even created
"God so LOVEd that HE gave..."(John 3:16)
Gods ONLY motivation for your creation is LOVE
YOU were created for a LOVE relationship with GOD
for HE created it and HE is the spot that remains empty unless filled with HIM... that HIM is
yes and this writer believes TRUE LOVE
Alas, if you received the Morris Code

- .-. ..- . ....... .-.. --- ...- .

what is your reply?
there is so much more to share than fits here... simply sharing the heart of the thought...
God IS love
God so LOVEd the world that He gave...
God's only motive is LOVE
and GODs greatest desire is to be in a LOVE relationship with you...

penny for your thoughts on all of that???

Morris Code... when all other communication fails... it gets through i hear...
- .-. ..- . ....... .-.. --- ...- .

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