Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Air Out Of Tires???

"Monday Morning Office Rush" - Plein Air
Ephesians Chapter 4 Your God sent, Godspeed reply.<><<><<><
4:15 Instead, speaking the Truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is The Head, that is Christ.  16 From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does it work.
<><<><<>< Context is 1-16

For the first time EVER intentionally let the air out of a car tire.  It was the tire of a loved one.  Then as ran, and continually run to prayer at reaching this extreme, God’s convicting word in Ephesians 4 convicted my spirit with why we love and discipline and ARE also loved and disciplined by God ourselves. In other words when ran to God – His LIVING God breathed Word was not only His reply – it came to life in my spirit from His Spirit.  IT lived in me – His Peace beyond understanding!  THANK YOU GOD!

Yesterday’s prayer in part:  Reality is the TRUTH of God, not in despairs deceit.  By faith know this, in lack of faith it hides.  By a flicker of faith may run to TRUTH… instead.

Just so happens Nahum – at Nineveh’s destruction, and Job – belly of a big fish is where had just studied the word in the last few proceeding days.  Coincidentally in disciplines …now imagine that. Think a coincidence? Did I mention he lead ME to these.  For ME to hear for my disciplining… don’t you think?  The word is living for us EACH and relevant to every breath we take in our today’s.  Life’s passion is to illustrate this.  Hmmmmmm.  Ok. Pressing on. 

The scriptures studied… whew. Discipline replies: One discipline is utter obliteration, HOPE lost for redemption or reconciliation.  Other, utterly swallowed up whole for God’s discipline to take hold, when it did from the belly of that big fish, the reconciled was spit out onto dry land.
Discipline extremes…. YES.

Had studied those Old Testament passages before the tire flattening and ultimatum delivered with it.  In other words, KNEW – the Word was meant for me to see and to comprehend its lessons in my own heart.  God’s discipline will be.  God ALWAYS gives us a way out if we seek His face, His Way.  His grace may only be delivered though if we seek Him and His forgiveness.   Oh yeah, circumstances of sin may still have us swallowed up whole- with seemingly NO way out; By faith we can see disciplines love.  Let me repeat that …by faith we can see disciplines love.  Without love, discipline is more like sin.  Without Gods love as the motive that is.  God IS love. 

OK, so before me are two disciplines extremes – annihilation or a belly of a big fish.  The extremely intelligent person that I am :0) I realized and sought
‘NONE please be needed God.  HELP me see Your way before these extremes are needed.’

Another ‘hah’  For it just so happens that before these two scriptures were studied, was studying in Matthew at an ole familiar favorite passages where The Trinity may be seen.  MANY a year ago, and even in two Bibles have these passages marked and written in the margins ‘illustrate this’…

Are you seein’ the connections?
Exactly.  Sheesh.
Did I mention that God is good all the time, and all the time God is good’?
Did I mention these entries are called “In His Light… BEFORE The Dawn”? 
Pretty amazing, Living Words of God are unfolding before me here…. Ya think?  Am ‘i’ the only one excited here by what am seeing?  Jiminy, Ok … so….
As pray: (shall spare you the details of circumstances, inserts yours here :0) ultimately Gods Word caused me to ponder what His reply to ‘me’ may be.  Would it have to be so bad, that only annihilation is left to deliver – OR – HOPE of being spit out o to dry land?
Because you see, then had to ask, - “does the air have to be let out of ALL FOUR of my tires?”  it just so happens that in it GOD is trying to whisper ‘the Truth will set you fee” …and ‘love’ to me.

Is HE showing me an ultimatum?  Prayer: ‘ HELP God, help for Your visions and intercession to wisely be seen instead of continuing in my futility’

NO ONE likes it at its time of delivery.  Humbled to pray – let it NOT be too late as in Ninevah, instead may it be as in Job, time to listen, to know what is right, seek forgiveness for wrongs, and get spit out on to dry land!’

So….lets see, I let the air out of a tire because I loved them, and didn’t want to see them cause greater harm to themselves with poor, in the moment choices.  Weigh this against God’s intercessions in circumstances.  Personally/ insecurity kept intentions undone, and blanketed in the circumstances of the effects of messed up ways effecting the today’s .  Procrastination, distractions, are really fear and insecurity taking their breath in me.  Even More frustration in being able to see it… but can’t stop it!  Does a loved one need to let the air out of my tires????? And Give an ultimatum? 
Sitting in the belly ?  What God?
‘What is impossible for man, is NOT for God.  ALL THINGS are possible for God”  Even these?  Proceed.

Don’t like discipline at the time of its delivery…

The fruits though, when heeded are DIVINE.

Yup, for self, lots of circumstances to overcome, some self inflicted some not, AND perhaps quite humbly so, perhaps a TRINITY illustrated.  God only knows if that is possible to do.  He simply tells me to NOT be afraid, AND do.
Do ALL He inspires me to do, don’t merely ponder then reply in fear. 

If faith can lead us to pray, it also will lead us to God’s Way through.

 Even if the air has been let out of EVERY tire… it was done so in LOVE …so that the only way to proceed is GODspeed. 

“Be still, and know that He IS God”
Forever and ever AMEN.

Instead, speaking the TRUTH in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the Head, that is Christ.   From Him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament grows and builds itself up in LOVE as each part does its work.  (Read 1-16 for context, then on through all of Chapter 4 of Ephesians too)

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It just so happens the LIVING word of God brought messages on both Discipline AND Unity simultaneously.  Awesome LOVE of GOD... says  Press ON