Saturday, October 29, 2011

In A Blink Of An Eye...

Several bookmarks in Romans 4:24-6:6, 7:14-8:24...
Ended up reading much of Romans this a.m.
"Against all hope in hope Abraham believed"
"And hope does NOT disappoint us because God poured out His LOVE into our hearts by the Holy Spirit whom He has given"(5:5)
We are not only saved we are reconciled(5:10) and continually sanctified (6:19)
Living Word of God, God breathed to each of our hearts, our spirits, our souls, our minds and truly is our strength, answer, counsel for any and ALL faced in the blessing of each day given.

To simply designate even a blink of an eye time to the study, reading, hearing of God's Word will bring into your today all the fullness of the Deity found in the face of Christ.

God by the way can do more with a blink of an eye of time than we can do in a life time. 

Believe, and in faith seek and the hope that does not disappoint will in turn be God's reply.

No greater love speaks love and absolute Truth.  Therefore no greater place to be and /or receive Counsel, Godspeed.  Yes, be still and know that He is God.

Today was a different view, went to visit the home of two of my three children... for the graduation of one of them.  He surprised us all and was his class Valedictorian! Definitely an UP day! Life's perspective no matter the ups and downs in it... In His Light... Before The Dawn, is where His light always shines the brightest and illuminates the day.  Am always amazed... even when only allot a blink of an eye time...  His light always enters in and illuminates.  Much to be thankful for, Godspeed indeed.
When Darkness Comes ...Look To The Light - K.Hitt Acrylic

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