Sunday, March 18, 2012

...Miraculous Catch

Higel Park Re-Visited, Acrylic. K. Hitt Copyrighted

John 20:20 through Chapter 21
John 21 “…Miraculous Catch” 
The fishermen fished all night, professionals at that… Disciples too.  They worked very hard, it got them nothing but empty nets. Dawn called them back to the shore empty handed. Ever feel this way yourself? Well, Unbeknownst to them on the shore was the One they loved much but they thought had left them alone to fend for themselves.  Remaining silent as to whom He was in that moment, perhaps so they could remember in whom they believed and by whom ALL abundance remains. “Drop your net on the right side of the boat” Jesus said. (Paraphrased!)”…and you will find some” (fish that is)

Now remember, these are fishermen that just fished all night and these very same nets had nothing to show for their labors.  “What could possibly be different?” they perhaps thought… “We just finished doing this ALL night and caught nothing.” Too tired to protest? Here we are simply told that they listened to the Counsel from the shore, surely tired and discouraged from the nights work, perhaps even mumbling under their breath a “ya right, okay, okay” simply to satisfy the request and to do this one last cast.

 BUT When they did, when they did as Counseled to do- (trusting and obeying?) more fish than their nets or they could handle was the ‘in faith’ reply…
…To their silent ‘why no catch’ cry.  

With Jesus – the answer was cleared up for them. With Jesus as our guide in the ALL that we know how to do on our own, yet it does not ‘do’ the “ALL” it was designed to do: 

In Him- WITH Him- is where the “ALL things are possible for God” comes to be.

'We' can go through the motions… even do the same thing the same way that we have done it a thousand times before, exactly as we were taught to do too… 
The miraculous difference can only come one way;
WITH JESUS IN our Way, Guiding our way, allowing HIM to be OUR WAY!

‘Thank you Jesus, for Your reply this morn.  Tears of JOY fall …as You remind me,
You Have Risen Indeed!
 You are here!  Jesus, You see even my needs.  Thank You.  Show me where, when, how to cast my net for Your fill to answer my empty.  In Jesus’ name The Amen
IS the Amen- <>< It IS done.’

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Meet Bonnie Blu

Bonnie Blu- new studio watch dog :0)

Meet Bonnie Blu.  The newest addition to the family; she is now a 10 week old Catahoula rescue pup adopted at 8 weeks.  Not only does she eat anything and everything in sight… she eats up quite a bit of my time too.  Wonderfully so, as any newborn does. Lost my last dog a few years back, Blu; a Blue Tick hound adopted from the pound when he was approximately two.  SWEETEST dog ever owned, and oh how he knew he was a rescue too.  He passed at approximately 12. Daughter’s dog really… well I got him by request for the children back in 1998 as an alternative security for them to a life change.  Alas, all are moms pet too, because we all know how that goes with our ‘children’s dogs’.  Gloriously kids will be kids too.  Daughter felt hardest the tragedy of Blu’s passing; one of the hardest lessons in life is losing a beloved. She went it on her own, half way across the U.S. at her first post college home and job with her beloved childhood dog moving out with her too.  What had hoped would be a good, turned to the hardest of hard.

That lesson in life certainly repeats itself again and again more often than we think we can stand.  

Didn’t think that I would ever have another dog, knowing all that it entailed and the season of life that am presently in. Alas, welcome Bonnie Blu, she too just now defines that which hoped would be a good as also a very hard.  Presently in the GOOD of that though. The season adapts to her as she has been adopted.  More of those deep life lessons in the simplistic of the scenario.
PAUSE realizing that perhaps “I thinkith’ toooooooo much”  Tis true, but it is what it is, so onward and upward we go.

This leads into this morning’s ‘In His Light… Before The Dawn’ completely too.  Always amazes me when get flashes of the ‘living’ side of quiet time spent and the Word of God.  Am surprised at just how personally am sometimes compelled to share.  In my reserved secluded ways, combined with being an open book; the oxymoron perhaps of who I am. 

Key of all this… is discovering more and more each day, who ‘i’ am in Christ.  God reaches each and every one of us where we are and in the way that He knows works best for us.  The key for us all is the same, discovering more and more each day who we are In CHRIST.

Bible was bookmarked at John 17; Red letters to God of God.  Simply these passages can certainly be defined as some of the most poignant passages ever penned in the Bible. Jesus prays for Himself, the Disciples, and for ALL Believers in Chapter 17 of John.  An amazing conversing with God from God.


This 115th journal, books of prayers and study, “In His Light… Before The Dawn” have named them.  His Light – Before The Dawn; dawn in the literal, where these began, for the only ‘quiet’ time could find was before the dawn and all others rose-up to greet the day.  Dawn’s meaning, also in its representational qualities. Assuredly,  I THINK TOO MUCH! ???? Ponder too much??? Leaving Closeness with other persons perhaps hindered in the intensity and TOO MUCH side of my continual thinking and ponderings???? Certainly no coincidences in why am now at number 115?
Details of life and its broken trusts, along with a felt of having a lack of regard of relevance to those close; by not being taken seriously or of holding a valuable worth, has its effects for sure.  Living in lack of respect and relevance?  Pretty sad place when read this back.  Reality is, it comes through extremely in written word, and it’s all a matter of degree in the reality of today and life.  Real, yet in the real life… KNOW that it is not a good, as just, or as it just read.  Also in it have come to realize that/this/these are perhaps why God gave “In His Light… Before The Dawn” to me.  Jesus teaches us to pray, AND shares His prayers with us too.

Jesus shows us who is our ultimate refuge, Counselor, Father, greatest lover of our soul.   

We are in this world, but not of it.  “In this world you will have troubles, be not afraid, I have overcome the world: - Jesus (as remember paraphrased).
 “HELP” the short, “Help, please God, what- You God know better than ‘i’ do”. 

John 17 shares the intimacy of relationship, depth of caring and love and purposes in God.  “ALL things” of the God for whom “ALL things are possible”  Heart of God.  Amazingly we are enabled to “Heart to heart” with God.

This perhaps is our purpose?  The Ultimate relationship to define any and all relationships, in any and all context?-  Leaving insecurities no more in Him too.   We simply need to live “As unto The Lord” in all things that we do.  

In Relationships, Jesus here shows how ALL are on His heart, and how ALL things are on His heart.  He doesn’t just ponder them; He lifts them up in prayer to Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Sovereign GOD-   The Creator and keeper of ALL things.  

God knows our heart, before we choose to share it with Him.  Until we share it with Him our heart does not live for what it was created for-  A relationship WITH God.  To live heart to heart WITH GOD is our call.
An important detail to this is we are to grow in HIM, and in meeting Him where He is.  “Abide in Me” – The Teacher teaches us to abide in His teachings; Word-“Then we will know the Truth and the Truth will set us free.”

 What does that mean? We cannot know the will of God unless we spend time in The Word of God.  Yes, this is true.  THERE IS MORE TO IT THANT THAT though.  For satan even knows The Word of God, he knows it very well – and just how to twist it into his deceitful temptations too.

The MORE is what we see here in Chapter 17 of John, in ALL these “Red Letter” prayers.  To sit down, stops all else, remove distractions, demands, cares---- and have a heart to heart with GOD.  THAT, this IS what your heart was created for AND this is how Gods Will transforms you.  This is the transformation of The Word of God – TO – THE LIVING WORD OF GOD – His Word transforming your heart with His heartfelt reply to your call to His “ALL things are possible” – in a faiths cry or praise, no matter – accept in the remembering to whom you call.   God Almighty worthy of praise – forever and ever AMEN and AMEN!

Jesus’ prayer is shared here to teach us all.  Perhaps therefore mine are meant to share too.  I, NO JESUS obviously- yet am one of the “all believers” for whom He prayed.  Jesus has already gone to The Father for me.  He knows me, and YOU- He knows us ALL.

Guess it in not only ok to share conversations with God of prayers – it is right to do?????  In the context of sharing Gods heart to our/my heart as His LIVING word of God.   


Always Respecting the AMEN in Him. Gods Will be done, our heart in His heart brings our heart to His Will prayers.  “Then you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free” – Jesus.
Amen and Amen and Amen forever and ever Amen!