Tuesday, June 29, 2010


"Live as children of the Light" Godly Counsel from Ephesians 5. Have zero partnership with those that refuse to... the rest of that counsel in context. Expose the untruths that seek to destroy good with their deceptions. Speak to the deceived... in TRUTH- YET in a manor to build up- NOT tear down. Therefore when angry- the words chosen must be more carefully chosen.... For God also counsels "In your anger do not sin" God knows we are going to have anger. Being angry is NOT the sin. So call things what they are - but only do so in the motive of love.
Today, can honestly say am VERY angry AT someone loved. I am also VERY angry at the source of pain unjustly dumped on another dear loved one and the domino effect of its consequences on them. One came to their difficult place on their own- the other did not. Words to each, are obviously as different as the circumstances. ANGER remains a part of each.
SO, in currant goal: "To make better that which I can: AND not make worse that which I can't"
The questions arising, 'ok God how am I to live this out loud today - in a manor that serves Your name, gifts and talents given too; that they may be used and multiplied tenfold for YOUR Glory. For in You alone is the place/way for ALL things to work together for Your GOOD purposes. " Knowing that this truth remains, is my strength, hope and endurance. In learning all do not have the same level of faith - I can not expect my great faith to be anothers. I am to expect to have to witness my great faith to another though. Perhaps that is what I do here in this blog???? "In His Light... Before The Dawn" is a title waiting for its cover.
Ok,but at immediate hand is the counsel to "Live as children of the Light" Pray, therefore Father, that Your light may expose the dark and cast it out once for all of this place... as mercifully as it can be, please. How literally am I to speak, witness, press on- AND make better what I can- and not make worse that which I can't" ? More scripture paraphrased:'Work hard with your own hands, mind your own business..." can not remember the rest- know its in Corinthians, but which one, where? While looking turned to 2Cor12:9 But He said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness."
Yes- human weakness provides the ideal opportunity for the display of Divine power. Let me repeat that, for it seems I need to hear it again and again: human weakness provides the ideal opportunity for the display of Divine power.
It NEVER can be in the midst of lack of faith though- ONLY when standing in faith - TRUSTING ALL to God and believing - knowing BY FAITH - will it be done. Yes, by faith the walls of Jericho came down. God always had the power to bring them down- BUT it wasn't until the believer believed by faith it was possible that GOD's GOOD purpose could be served.
Gods GOOD purpose being served is THE KEY that turns our faith into God's opened door. Without faith their is NO key- nor even a door perhaps. GOD is ALWAYS able-
may we enable HIS GOOD purposes to prosper by walking WITH HIM IN FAITH? Alas, THAT is the question- now isn't it????
We are NOT called to sit idly still- we are called to get up - WORK hard with our own hands - walk by faith, stand in faith, witness our faith, AND watch with eyes of faith the walls come crumbling down...
OR the KEY open wide the door to our freedom being enabled to soar!
Yes, enabling ALL the good purposes HE has planned for us - and our households to live outloud. Oh, may we respond to His call - in faith. So if, all you have been given is a jar and a candle to knock down the fortress that stands against you- then ask GOD to make ALL work together for His GOOD purposes - that where you are weak HIS strength and power may be made PERFECT in weakness. Don't cry out in fear or daring to tell God "I NEED more - this is not enough!' Cry out to God with thanksgiving and faith... claiming in it - victory in opportunity to display just how much HIS grace IS SUFFICIENT...indeed: Godspeed.
Knowing by FAITH , not only does He know the need, He knows the "what's best" AND He knows EXACTLY how to answer the call--- of faith.
So believe, In Jesus' name THE Amen IS spoken.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Eph. 4:29 Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.
Only one Scripture from bookmarked Eph. 4:11b-5:11. Only one scripture from a page of "living WORD" God breathed to live by. 5:8-11 tugs mightily to be entered here too ...
Am thankful the Father knows the place I wake and must produce fruitful deeds from- as I seek to have nothing to do with the opposite. Perhaps all wake here in one way or another. May no one deceive us, or any of our households. May greed NOT destroy Gods Good in any way here. Col. 3:5 Notes - the greedy person wants things more than he wants God, and puts things in place of God, therefore committing idolatry. The person that persists in these has excluded GOD... therefore excluding themselves from kingdom living.
Reminding our hearts to listen to this TRUTH- GOD NEVER leaves or abandons us - it is we who walk away or abandon Him... and His Way. By grace alone we all our saved - not one is righteous - not one of us. JESUS Christ alone holds that throne.
We though have been blessed with the opportunity to LIVE IN, WITH "THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD" CHRIST JESUS. We may indeed find out what pleases the Lord, and not have anything to do with fruitless deeds of darkness.
-but rather expose them... for simply what they are. REMEMBERING in the language of LOVE 4:29 & absolute TRUTH. The GOAL is to build others up - NOT tear them down. YET, if they refuse to live in the light, don't allow them to deceive you or take you there with them- simply DO NOT partner with them, have nothing to do with that which resides in darkness.
Also, noting - IF you find yourself there instead, in the dark, it is NEVER too late to seek The LIGHT. The GOOD NEWS in it remains for ALL time - FACT- 'the LIGHT dispels the Dark EVERYTIME'
So praise the Lord, seek the Lord and be saved. Yes, also be responsible- as you alone are- to find out what pleases the Lord. Light is a productive quality - in Gods measure of quality it produces fruit of moral and ethical character. This is NOT an impossible standard. 'What is impossible for man- is NOT for God. ALL THINGS are possible for God.' ' as children of the Light' (goodness, righteousness and truth) In Jesus' name - the AMEN is spoken and done <><