Sunday, July 10, 2016

Slices Of Red- Awakenings...

In His Light…Before The Dawn, a cherished time, a God given retreat and place of refuge, restoration, renewal, retrospective, revival, renderings inspirations, simply put: Breath of Life, to this life… that begun some 141 journals ago.  Do believe it is Gods way of also taking ones weaknesses, and growing them into their strengths and gifts.
An utter ‘exceedingly more’ has abounded of late—the good, the bad and the ugly of it.  Overwhelming, and seemingly seeking to suck the breath right out of me.  Have witnessed the habitual also birthing new.  For my favorite time of the day- In His Light…Before The Dawn- has birthed another gift “Slices of Red – Awakenings” and the inspiration on how to render them to share the gift.  For Gary and I’s new home, I do believe that its most beloved part is the Masterpiece Theater that unfolds anew here, before the dawn every morning.  God’s gift is also in the fact that photographs just cannot capture them.  Michelangelo-“The true work of art is but a shadow of the Divine perfection” echoes the humbling reality too as I am inspired to paint this new series of paintings.
Alas, God is so GOOD- amidst struggles, if you simply remember to take every thought captive and obedient to Christ; ‘let go let God’ – His, exceedingly more than you could ever hope for or imagine blankets!  Slices of Red – Awakenings remains the inspiration birthed.  Now, I must apply it!  The inspiration to work, is a gift steered by His motive of heart I pray in mine.
The battlegrounds remain, beauty from ashes in His hands do too.  Frankly, I can not keep up with ALL the NEW- so what did God do? He brought me back to where I began, anew In His Light… Before The Dawn with Slices Of Red- Awakenings as my wake up call.  My wake-up call to PAINT.
Step away from (do not even know how to share the list) and simply apply Gods breath of life in your life, with your life and its work, seems to be the call heard.  It is why I breath, and it is why I paint.
So, just as I revised my Vision Restoration Eye Chart with God’s Word, I shall apply life’s new glorious distraction too—without adding pressure—simply, seeing, by faith where it leads and when the display of this new series of painting will be displayed at the miracle studio which is another gift in the midst of waking up to its New Season too: An Original Hitt- Fine Art & Atelier Karen Ann Hitt’s working Art Studio’s is where this newest journey shall be put on display – Godspeed.
Godspeed has fueled it, thanks be to God. 
There is so very much that has NOT been shared with others, simply haven’t known how to.  To say that so much has been happening in this New Season, is an understatement. Few are aware of the things like, when I received the call that there was a spot for me as faculty at PACE16, I didn’t know if I would be coming to it, with, or without hair.  Plus, domino effects and the aftermath as i continue to work on retraining my Ciliary muscles after the gift of amazing eye surgeries, which restored my loss vision.  These surgeries became the least of my worries after losing my sister/best friend, then a week later my husband being bay flighted in the midst of a heart attack.  He, experiencing full recovery PTL!  A few days after he came home from the hospital, and just before my first eye surgery, I receive a call that they think that I have lung cancer!  A lung biopsy needs scheduled asap! One of those calls you NEVER are ready for.  On top of which I can’t tell my husband about this call, because he just had a heart attack, and I can’t tell my family either, it would all be too much after we just loss our sister/daughter.  Can you say NUMB.  Life became very numbing.  All of this came about after being back home barely a week, post traveling in our RV for 5 months, yes, living the dream on our USA Honeymoon.  Comparing that to my solo 5 month journey living out of my trusty steed; which was also living the dream on the GLF tour.  Stepping out and up, emphasizing growing as an artist to meet the next season in life, a 3 year, intentional added focus and study;  God only knew just how much change was ahead in this next season.
It is still in a whirlwind.  All working together to the good, as only God could orchestrate it, yet overwhelming and at times still numbing.  Add to these relocating, organizing and moving out of a home after being there 21 years, into a glorious new place up in the sky… with a husband! Who knew!?!   Moving out of the home that God provided for the children and I, in that starter home that lived in 21 years, it too is now moving into its ALL NEW Season. It, until their wedding day at the least, the new home completely of their own for my oldests child.  No longer anything to do with ‘home’ in the sense ALL now in either a storage unit, donated, or minimally in Gary and I’s new home. 
Letting go of the trials like computers crashing, external hardrives erasing themselves of all the references you thought were saved, the post office returning your mail to sender from your work place, simply put the list is toooo long to fit into a sensible sound bite, so, what does God do? Yes, He shows how He is making ALL things new, and working ALL things together for His good purposes and that I quite simply have work to do.  New Work, New Inspirations from life’s daily distraction up here in the sky, Slices of Red- Awakenings coming about during a beloved time that has long been a source of my hope and my strength in God’s Work In His Light… Before The Dawn the name given to quiet time journaling.  God simply reminds, he not only provides, He inspires, and He makes beauty from ashes- EVERYTIME: GODSPEED.  Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for He who promised is faithful.  And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.  Hebrews 10:23-24-
God answers Every prayer Godspeed.  Pressing on in faith that the Day after a literal meltdown, God replied with this:
Pull the curtains back; a flock of Ibis fly by on eye level, summer sky, pinkish orange while the sun, a huge red ball comes up in slices through the cool lavender horizons cover.
Lush deep greens abound in the foreground, summers thunder and rains reflection on their plumes.  Mangroves drink in the inter-coastal waterways wake, sheltering the manatee as it gently grazes on the sea grasses. 
The hot humid haze along the horizons line, diffused with day light breaking through as the sun continues it rise; illuminating from behind the haze – a warm glow greets this new day – as osprey sing out its time to begin…
As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for You, O God.  I thirst for God, the Living God. (Psalm 42:1-2) Explains the chosen days fast.  Scattered thoughts do not change the hearts beat, the hearts motive…
A heart that loves You Lord and so thanks You that it may.  Make within me a pure heart O Lord- removed mercifully so any offensive ways in me O Lord.
Guide this heart with Your motive O Lord, Counsel this spirit with Your Spirit – renew my strength and inspirations Lord – soaring as like on the wings of eagles – gliding above the heat and the beat of turmoil discerning where best to land; where the sighting both inspires and feeds Your Good purposes.  Thank You for the blessings Lord – they do abound.  Thank you that Your love endures forever.  Thank You for Tara and Gary helping me here – where I am weak – where any of us are weak—YOU orchestrate all the parts to make for a beautiful song of Gods great love to be played.  May  utizie Your gifts and Talents in a manor that they may multiply ten, twenty, hundred fold for Your honor and glory, Godspeed my Lord, Godspeed. (journaling from June 28,’16)
So, I read my Vision Restoration Chart again – and again – and again – and THANK GOD that I may, and that He is the Great Physician for us all… as I breathe in His Breath of Life with no lung cancer, and try to tame my unrulely hair- that remains God’s greatest reminder to me daily and illustrates His sense of humor too, for my hair is God’s daily reminder that I have ZERO CONTROL! Thank YOU GOD – for Godspeed is perfect EVERYTIME

Friday, January 22, 2016

Entertaining Angels Unaware... ?

an alla-prima portrait of the artist' beloved sister 18"x24"
 Oil on Linen the last painting of 2015
'  "Entertaining Angels Unaware" is the next series of paintings
 planned.  Unplanned- Pammy- Entertaining Angels Unaware
  being the first painting in it, and that it was executed alla-prima. 
 Alla Prima, meaning all at once, in regards to its execution. 
Therefore, this painting very impressionistic with looser detail and
 brushwork. Pammy, on her dear life long friends sailboat. 
When asking if they had been updated on Pammy, his wife 
informed me that he had also passed, the same morning as my
 sister.  Two dear souls and a homage to them sailing home.'-K

Entertaining Angels Unaware—is the next series of paintings planned; Unplanned, “Pammy- Entertaining Angels Unaware” being the first in it.
><> Many are the plans of a man’s heart but it is the Lords purposes that prevail. <>< Proverb 18:21

By faith we press on.  In that faith we grow in it, faith, and in strength.  Amazingly our greatest strength we learn – is to let go and trust, not in self, but in God.

><>We ‘press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.’<><(context, chapter 3 of Philippians)
  For God ><>Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us (Ephesians 3:20)<><  The King James Version: ‘exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask Him’

My currant struggle so illustrates this truth.  Presently I struggle to SEE; yet, that is a blessing!  Daily I am forced to not only trust –and also press on and do my part.  Yes, I want instant resolve.  Yet, for this ‘fix’- instant is not a part of my cure.  Yes, patience is waning, as I for the umpteenth time read: “Vision Restoration Chart… put away your glasses and read as much of the vision restoration chart as possible… You are retraining the Ciliary muscle… it has become dormant from lack of use.”

That ‘lack of use’ a post surgery cocoon so to speak--- the exceeding more is that little detail ‘put away your glasses’!!  Never would I have imagined that to be possible!  Since the age of twelve, my vision has been corrected.  The hidden blessing is also in what is not a part of my diagnosis—family heredity thwarted –what is not in my diagnosis: no Macular, no broken blood vessel, no Glaucoma.  The ‘no’s
 Far outweigh the daily struggle.  And all of those were feared, as vision diminished in left eye to not being able to read a stop sign with my glasses on! Yes, that other little detail – I am an artist! Great faith didn’t eliminate “I’m scared”!  It is though my perseverance!  And God’s answers are exceedingly more than I could hope for or imagine!  Seeing far, mid range and up close WITHOUT glasses—and with clarity of color that literally makes an artist, or anyone go “wow,” is a gift!  God’s orchestration of provisions beyond anything that “i” could do—are quite miraculous to me too.  Never imagined SEEing to this diagnosis’ degree! A bad—certainly made good.

There has been a lot of that of late—meaning A  bad—certainly made a good.  The tears that come from trying to imagine what could be good about Pammy being the first in my next series of paintings.  A bad—certainly made good to be a painting of my sister, but this way?… alas, again by faith—Joy remains.  As does faith and perseverance illustrate this page in Fine Art Connoisseur. 
Fine Art Connoisseur January February Issue

Each painting illustrates life’s full circle—
Purple Mountains Majesty Above Fields Of Gold”—Mountain top views remain, as the temperatures of our valleys are ever changing …with each harvest, each season.
The ‘planned’ view to paint was inspired by the light hitting the fields of gold.  The urgency to capture the inspiration came when those fields of gold began to be harvested—cut down—and making them green not gold.
Changes in circumstances do not change our inspirations.  They may just be transformed into Godspeed for us – if – by faith we proceed.
Walking by faith, not sight involves a hugely important detail: STEPS:  Especially when you find yourself in a place unimaginably NOT where ‘you’ planned.

I, as write this, turn back to re-read the Word that inspired.  Never did ‘I’ imagine how great would be the struggle to simply SEE the Word in front of me!
Yes, it is a struggle when it’s so hard to do an action, done before automatically and now, it’s a fight and it feels like everything is upside down!!!

><>for we walk by faith not by sight<>< 2Cor 5:7 for context see the chapter.

God’s literal LIVING word, God breathed and relevant to EVERY breath we take in our today’s.

Much of where I am today is not anywhere that i ‘planned’ to be. Yet, it is also exceedingly more than i could hope for or imagine.  It’s not my plan—it’s Godspeed.

I press on…
               By faith
                              Honored and thankful that this page, is possible to share.
God has enabled me to share His gifts and talents in ways ‘i’ never imagined could or would.  Much has been overcome, and even with a mountain top in view; the changing temperature of the valley is too.

Yes, the gold in the fields is cut down for the good—IF harvested!  I look forward to SEEing how the next series of paintings unfold, they have been on my heart to paint for some time now.

><>Many are the Plans of a man’s heart but it is the Lords purposes that prevail.
                                           In faith—proceed
                                                         And always press on

I have pondered for a bit now, how much to share—a sixty day time line that included more than any could imagine--  HOPE remains
H onor
O bey
P raise
E xpect
A timeline of an extreme 60 day faith walk, will be a page added at my other hat blog-  and a look of what is ahead shared at my Out and About blog.  Read both at will, when they are up. Hope to get the final posts up by Monday. Editing how it rambles; it does seem Psalm 23 was not only the last painting painted, done for my church before we left on our USAHoneymoon, it has been lived out loud upon our return. 60 days faith walk covers:  Vision, Stroke, Death, Heart Attack, Life, Vision Loss, Heartache, Lung Cancer threat phone call from my Dr.(NO i don't smoke), Moms Birthday, Eye Surgery, Sons 25th Birthday, Lung Biopsy, Second Eye Surgery, Offer on a home, Cancer Lung Biopsy results… oh yeah, Thanksgiving and Christmas in there too. I can’t make ALL this stuff up.  ALL the Good the Bad and the Ugly of it.  Praise the Lord His GODspeed remains steadfast and blankets love and peace tenfold, over us ALL.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Seasons Changing...Godspeed!

Evidence of Fresh snowfall is
on top of the Grand Tetons Peaks- as it rains here in the Buffalo Valley this morning.  A theater is out our front window of the RV as we watch the changing weather passing through the mountain view.
My Bible is open to Isiah 37:30-39:2.  Here begins Chapter 38 of Isaiah 'Hezekiah Illness' its title.
Hezekiah became ill to the point of death. Isiah as a prophet went to him and said, "This is what the Lord says; Put your house in order, because you are going to die; you will not recover." (excerpts from verse 1)

verse 2: Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord. 3 "Remember, O Lord, how I have walked before You, faithfully and with wholehearted devotion and have done what is good in your eyes" And Hezekiah wept bitterly.
This caused me to pause, and yes ponder what i had just read as Gods, God breathed breath of life for us to witness.  See how Hezekiah '...put your house in order..' as the prophet Isaiah counseled him to do?
He prayed a prayer of faith and trust in God----  to remember his life and his life's walk of faith.  Then, he wept at the news-- yet STILL and always 'in faith'.  Trusting  fully that God's Will was perfect.  Like David "wholehearted devotion"  Hezekiah was faithful.  God remembering him and His Will was the order he sought for his household.
Hear verses 4,5&6; excerpts here:   "...This is what The Lord, The God of your father David says; "I have heard your prayer and seen your tears;...' 7-8 too!<><<><<><

This reply/answer to Hezekiah is also our living Word reply to our wholehearted prayers of faith.
God WILL always remember
me, us
our household
as we trust, obey and put ALL our faith in Him-
in life, in death
no matter the season
in ALL hope, every hope lifted to Him.
'Faith, hope and love remains.  And the greatest of these is love'
'Gods love endures forever'
through Jesus Christ our Savior, death even, has lost its sting...
though tears may fall in the good byes - faith tears fall bitter sweet in the 
'peace beyond understanding' in trusting GOD with this hour, just as we trust Him with every hour... along the way.
Seasons in our lives also bring us to bitter tears and sweet love
by faith is always
God's reply.
God keeps His promises
God's Love endures forever
Great is His faithfulness-
just a few of His promises that we may hold on to.

Happiness is temporal
God doesn't promise us happiness, in fact it is written that in this world we will have troubles.  When you/we/me find our-self in them, may God hear our pure heart cry of faith, above the fear that with a whole heart God has called us to cast it to Him- 
Good News remains "He cares for ..." your
Joy remains in the Sovereignty of God-
no matter the view.  Sometimes it is best seen through bitter sweet tears of faith-- in them, through them comes our "Thank You God"
Those whom have gone through tragedy seeming know this more than most.  There really are no words to describe: God's PEACE beyond understanding" except that it is as true as the greatest symbol of the Truth that "God keeps His promises' -- the Rainbow.
 A Rainbow only comes from clouds... ever notice that?

Its a  rainy rainy rainy day here in the Grand Tetons.
The season in life remains renewed in God's hands.  Fall marks Winter is coming.  No matter the season at hand, in Gods hands - Peace remains and His care for us too.

Isaiah 38:9-20 is Hezekiah, king of Judah's than you prayer through illness to Gods recovery for him.  "Great is His faithfulness" proclaimed loud and clear.

Insight and wisdom of the Lord delivered too as seen in verse 17: "Surely it was for my benefit that i suffered such anguish.  In Your love You kept me from the pit of destruction.  You have put all my sins behind your back"
<><<><<><  Such a reflection of God's glory in ones heart is in this verse.  Read all for complete context.  Rescued from the grave-- we each may proclaim-- by grace; a GIFT from God Almighty Himself directly to us each- God-breathed.  Be it physical or spiritual healing
Here, Hezekiah's illness revealed both to him.  
God not only puts our sins out of sight, He also puts them out of reach (Micah 7:19; Psalm 103:12)
and out of mind (Jeremiah 31:34)
and out of existence! (Isaiah 43:25; 44:22; Psalm 51;1,9; Acts 3:19) 
v.18 For the grave cannot praise You, death cannot sing Your praise; those who go down to the pit cannot hope for Your faithfulness.
19  The living, the living ---they praise You, as i am doing today;
fathers tell their children about Your faithfulness
20 The Lord will save me, and WE will sing with stringed instruments
in the temple of The Lord
It is a very rainy morn here in the Grand Tetons Buffalo Valley--- ALL is well-- a rainbow is out there somewhere, as is the truth of God:
God keeps His Promise
God's Love endures forever and ever!

noting some previous shares in this life; the highs and lows and the ALL good remains.  Life is hard, GOD is good.  His LOVE endures forever! 
A little of my before is at Fine Art Connoisseur Collector  
and a little of my after is at An Original Hitt Events  
and a little of my current is at Karen Hitt Out And About Blog 
I don't usually share these details here at my Christian blog site.  Do believe they are relevant this hour too though.  For God seems to be showing me more and more, that no matter what we see, no matter the season, it is His GODSPEED that leads us on if we choose to walk by faith, not by sight-
Godspeed lives out loud indeed.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

GIFTS, we all have at least one...

started 137th Journal today...

This painting is titled, "Cindy's Gifts"-- it was painted plein air (a French term, meaning 'open air', or out door painting) in my new sister-in-laws backyard.  Their gardening is truly a 'gift' that all of us simply do not have.  It is just one of many of their gifts, it was one of the ones that I  couldn't wait to reflect.Another 'gift' in this painting is the quilt hanging on the clothes line.  It was made by Cindy's Husbands Grandmother.  To them, when they view this painting, that adds to the sentiment in it.  Its funny, when Cindy looks in her yard, she sees weeds that need pulled, or different things that need doing   Beyond the service work to be done. Humbly not recognizing her gift and talents in all that she does.  She also has the gift of caring and hospitality. For this artist's eye, that made the yard all the more special, above its welcoming call and beautiful blooms.  Beyond the service beauty, is what these eyes saw. Just as we all see things differently, we all have different gifts and talents too.  The key, is to apply them in a manor that they may be shared and grow, hopefully multiplying for God's Glory, who endowed them to us, and never bury them in insecurity or fear, allowing them therefore to be wasted.
     I do not know if all this journaling that I do is a gift to anyone but myself. I do not know why sometimes I feel compelled to share the writings from my quiet-time chair. Maybe some just see it as a disorder of one that 'thinks too much'.  It has helped me to not worry over the years.  When you see things written down in black and white, many times they do not look as big as how they do when they are taking over thoughts, and stifling out other more positive ones. When the journaling is dedicated to being a prayer journal, to study and learn the truths of God's Word, it adds to the exercise. God's Word, delivers a "peace beyond understanding" i do believe every time.  Well, this is the beginning of my 137th Journal.
I photographed the actual pages.  Click on any of the images to enlarge them. to save time and writing twice, copied into here the pictures.  Another gift that am on... my #USAHoneymoon.  We are off to enJOY a Sunday afternoon drive, 4 wheeling style.  Have a blessed day... Godspeed.