Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Where wake... And seek on this Grace Love Fellowship Tour...

Where wake... And seek... When not knowing which direction to head, simply remember to ...
'be still and know that He is God...' 
'...The light shines in the darkness...'1:4a JN

The Word became flesh >>>>>>><>< Living

and made His dwelling among us >>>>>>><>< Emmanuel

We have seen His glory the glory of the One and Only >>>>>>><>< Glory be to God forever and ever

who came from the Father >>>>>>><>< ...God so loved... He gave...

Full of grace and truth 1:14JN >>>>>>><>< indescribable Gift-GRACE. We are all here by Grace
                                                                          The Gift of Absolute TRUTH
                                                                            Created by Love, For Love, In Love

                                             To GOD be the glory
                                                           AMEN and amen- in Him it is done and it is spoken- Amen 

And have come to see... that when simply remember to 'be still, and know that He Is God, He enables me to see... ALL of His glory before me, no matter the season, or reason... because He is 
JOY remains... Godspeed ><><><