Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber... Monday...

Tiz the season to be Merry ?

Christmas time for many is a season of giving.  In recent years this day, this Monday has been designated the best day to get deals on-line.  What are we getting deals for ? Confess... Happy Holidays to this heart of giving doesn't come close to defining the quest... nor perhaps does anything found on this cyber fest.

Remember this is m'whah speaking here, no theologian, or scholar... just an artist that sees and thinks perhaps a bit tooooooo much. Quite Certain am an artist and a journal-er to spare others extra words.  So read at will, no offense meant to any... just pondering's passing through, if that is even a word.

Today, this Cyber Monday, as a new public studio dweller, this my first season to ponder this season as a retailer.  Ahhhh that word tolerance seems to take the heart of all at hand out, and tippy toes around truth instead?

So, many in the name of tolerance choose to remove the name that defines tolerance, love, peace on earth and good will to ALL mankind - Christ.  To this heart ' happy holidays' defines the temporal short sightedness of the worldly that is too narrow minded to get out of the box of packaging, to embrace quite simply the Divine.  Saying Merry Christmas is not saying you can't say Happy Hanukkah or Happy Winter Solstice.  Ironically, Jesus never needed to rely on perfect packaging- He chose instead the lowly form of divinity, a stable and a troff with a bed of hay for His Divine Head.  For God is able- He chose the lowly things, the things that are not-

comprehend and dare to hear the truth in the prejudices of shallow worldly definitions that can not reach beyond the package it preaches-

compared to heavenly realms of Immanuel - GOD with us

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to men
where forgiveness and reconcilliation LIVE ...and death has no voice or sting
choose LIFE with Christ
or shallow packaging to be fed
Merry CHRISTmas
also has a reason for the red and green
one sacrificed for all perhaps the red
that all may LIVE perhaps the green
wrapped in blue of Hannakuh even our Divine... NO prejudice, no hate, no 'your not good enough to enter the debate' spoken here
was born this day we all celebrate
whether we choose to embrace or not - Truth remains and was born in a stable - fully God - fully man - so that One for ALL -
God so loved... He gave...
Merry CHRSTmas
our Savior is born

Jesus, the reason for the Season as overused perhaps as cyber monday, happy holidays, whatever if its just words.  That is the point, it has nothing to do with words...

Jesus' birth may remind us each, it is so not about a me, myself or 'i' ... OR a perfect label or package-
Love lives
and Divinity rose up here on earth in a newborns cry from a stable... God with us - our Savior is born.
Peace on earth
Good Will to ALL
on earth as it is in heaven...
the city of the Living God...
it is done in Jesus' name
and the Amen is spoken

1Cor 1:18-31 NLT
Also Hebrews 12:18-13:2
Heb 13:1 Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. Don’t forget to welcome strangers. By doing that, some people have welcomed angels without knowing it.