Friday, May 18, 2012

A Beautiful Thing

“A Beautiful Thing”…
Matt 26:6-13 “beautiful” The Greek word has an aesthetic as well as ethical meaning.  Mary’s act of devotion was costly and unusual… servant hearted and exposing actions… done merely to care for Jesus… shown especially in the emphasis here of pouring on Jesus’ feet, not his head. 

All four gospels have an account of a women anointing Jesus.  John’s 12:1-11, seems the same as in Mt26:6-13, Mk 14:3-9 while in Lk 7:36-50 is different.

The WORD that stands out here this morn to this heart – “beautiful”, again, as meant in The Greek of both aesthetic AND ethical… By Mary this being done too-  In her whole heart – ALL giving spirit to Jesus she did what she could and she knew in spirit to so.  No other explanation called for, in spite of the culture, time, and indignation even of the others by it.  Not weighing cost or porper order, procedures… DOOING ALL THAT SHE COULD FOR JESUS WITH A POURED OUT SERVANTS HEART GIVING UNIQUE AND EXTRAVEGANTLY TO HER LORD, FOR HIM.  REPEAT- FOR HIM.   Yes, Jesus anointed indeed.  Mk 14:8

His anointing here was when it could be- History now reveals.  It seems Jesus alone knowing He was to die a criminal death, where there would not be the usual opportunity to anoint His body for burial, which was customary for the time.

EVERYTHING has a reason and a purposeful perspective in the light f God’s light shining in our hearts to give to us the glory of the knowledge of God found in the face of Christ.(2Cor4:6)

She did what she could” “a beautiful thing” – FOR JESUS
And in the amazing Truth of God, in the giving and doing in this way, is the greatest GIFT in life.  Our purpose is gound in Him, through Him, because of Him.

A prayer perhaps that we all may pray; Father “may ‘i’ do “a beautiful thing” for You- In Jesus’ Holy Precious name Spirit led and fed- Amen <><<><<><
Extravagant and unusual it may be… I see my Lord your weaving completely.  May all given be poured out accordingly – equip, enable, YES, seclude and protect so may be – In Jesus’ name seen ‘A beautiful thing for” JESUS’ Name Amen.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

our ALL

Breath Of Life- K Hitt - Copyrighted ALL rights


Momma's Heartbeat
Daddy's Breath
Hannah (1Sam 1:2-28) – she gave that which was most precious to her, she turned her son over, gave him back to God… he, what she had most prayed for;  as we were reminded in our Mother’s Day Sermon Sunday.  Also that Abraham did so with Isaac too(Gen22). With an emphases on the motive of heart spoken of in these examples of faith.  That these were done in FAITH not as a whim, ploy, barter – but in hearing
 Gods call and answering it with their ALL.
Understanding fully what ALL means- and what ALL God stands for too.
GOD is ALL Good, Light, Love, Life …just to name a few. 
He is faithful, just, righteous, merciful to name but a few more character traits.
 ALL knowing, wise, discerning…
 God IS Able;
These, those that heard His call on their heart, and answered it with their ALL…
They answered with a
“Here ‘i’ am my Lord” in reply.
Hear the difference here… it was NOT them telling God how they would reply to Him, and their desires beings served by their self serving directions that they give too God.  Why who would do such a thing? Have you ever heard yourself pray that way to God? I think that we all have to some degree… when we are most vulnerable, overwhelmed in NEED pleas… “God if YOU do this for me, I’ll do this for You”, gist of a prayer.  Ever find yourself there?
Alas, … that’s not the point here though. Its beyond that.

The matter at hand here is the ALL in us, given over to the ALL of God.

We readily give Him all our mess ups, needs, cares…
And as well, we may-
For we have been taught “Cast your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you” This REMAINS a steadfast TRUTH.
Feel here, that we are being reminded of what Hannah and Abraham both
gave over to God-
In their constant RELATIONSHIP with God, their “here ‘I’ am Lord,” replied with their ALL – literally.
For all that we have, we have by God and belongs to God…
Giving themselves AND that which was most precious to them too – and feeling NOT a loss in the doing so, or in the action (not that I can presume to know what anyone thought, felt).
It wasn’t about feelings really – it was about BEING.
 BEING IN The Presence of THE I AM
Constantly in spirit, mind, heart and soul and ALL their strength too-wholeheartedly LOVING God. 
That LOVE relationship in Faith comprehended the depth and TRUTH of what ALL means.  Sacrificial giving was living, breathing, being in the ALL things.

Yes, knowing to a greater degree perhaps the TRUTH in Jesus’ words to us in the gospels “What is impossible for man, is NOT for God.  All things are possible for God”
Hannah gave BACK to God that which was most precious to her. (from Sunday sermon)
Coupling this with the days before study that referenced “The Widow’s Offering”… and how 2 Cor 8:12 speaks to the context of that giving – or our giving.
Understanding what Hannah gave, and Abraham too, gives greater understanding to living out loud whole heartedly in FAITH to the ALL of  God and being in His presence with your  ALL.

That which is most precious lives out loud full circle here, in this, these relationships with God.

Yes, of course we have petitions to God in this life – minute by minute perhaps it seems.  Beyond the petitions is the core motive of heart before any call.  The full circle call of hearing The I Am , with your whole being reply of “here ‘i’ am Lord”
There lives the ALL things are possible – living out loud WITH God.
In Jesus’ Holy Precious Name

Prayer led to from here:
Father God, this study sheds a new light onto my life of prayer and endless streams of petitions in it there.  Forgive me God.  Thank YOU God for the awakening… in AWE my Lord of how You continually reveal more and more of just what ALL means…
And, Your FULL Circle giving of it plan for all humanity.  ALL things defined.  As the widow put in ALL that she had to live on in reply to Your call on her heart, so did Hannah, Abraham, David, Paul,  …on and on The Bible testifies to those that loved You so.  Motive of heart remains Your measuring rod; According to our faith too.  Amazing Awesome God!
A New Leaf
Each of us are given a minimum of one spiritual gift to walk in faith with.  A walk of faith that with our entire being answers Your call with our humble, “Here ’i’ am” to Your Sovereign ALL.  Pretty amazing revelation…. Reminded of here.  Thank YOU for it God.  Amen… and Amen… In Jesus’ name.

Thank Heaven For Little Girls
(all artwork copyrighted to K.Hitt) 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day

First Taste Of Spring -
 May 1st, 2012 - May Day - history shares children danced around the pole --- holding a ribbon stream I believe it said.  How these words do not display that view or sentiment.

God, THANK YOU may see faith the same way too.  A hope in what we do not see
a willingness to leap even for it.  
By faith - simply believe.
That belief is beyond 'know' in a word can describe.
That belief is more than a heart even knows- it simply its core,
its motive, its beat.
God- when one is called- to love You God, with all - 
all our heart, soul, mind, spirit and strength.
ALL- the word given to describe.
ALL - with all that we are- AND
ALL we hope to be
for our HOPE is in the Keeper of the beginning and The End, 
The Holder of Eternity, Destiny-
Omnipotent, Omnipresent
Majestic Sovereignty -
This is where are faith is called from and to
this is where are faith leaps to
this is our all...
This is our Keeper of ALL things
working together for GOD's GOOD purposes
no grouping of word
fully describes this
dance around the May Day pole.
Our Father, who are't in heaven, Halloith be Thy Name. 
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those that trespassed against us.  Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.  For Thine is the power and the Kingdom and the glory for ever and ever - Amen

This the Lord's Prayer That HE Himself gave to us to pray.
Chapter 17 in the Book of John, The Bible's Red letter 
God breathed prayers of God
To God
Gods conversation with God
recorded for all eternity to see
eyes of faith
in our God WITH us Given
to us 
for us
in spite of us
What does the leap look like?
Where is it appropriate to take
or make 
or trust?
It is in the
ALL things
for ALL eternity
Therefore every breath
every heart beat
every thought
in Him
for Him of Him
To Him
Cast- Leap
I do not have the words to describe a dance 
around a May Day Pole never seen.
Nor do I have the words to describe
The Faith by which I believe and have a hope and with every breath - every heart beat am called 
to leap to,
for, by...

Sometimes I laugh
Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I sincerely wonder
Why must it be by faith to see
the mystery of God
for ALL eternity...
and yes, oh why - do I continually try to pen,
or brush what these eyes of faith see.
No word
No picture
The Vision

Continually the Plea
Pick up the God Breathed 
and you TOO WILL SEE
The GREATEST Lover of
your soul
leading you on by Faith
for ALL eternity
God sent
Amen- It is done
In Jesus' name The AMEN is spoken
for us ALL
Victory is in Amen - It is done
Not the End
Eternity Sealed
Precious Gifts - Acrylic - K. Hitt - copyrighted all rights