Thursday, September 22, 2011

Give as Given...

Matthew 18:22-20:6  The bookmarked Scripture, re-visited from just a few days ago.  
After  Romans 4:18-22 'Faith Lived" - Against ALL hope, Abraham IN hope believed...  ...he did NOT waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God... <>< <>< <>< 
We all as his offspring, as numerous as the grains of sand are we - 
yet we each are inheritants of this hope 
IF we choose to be.
God in ALL His Sovereignty not only gives ALL hope - He gives also FREE will.
 He does NOT need to dictate, He is LOVE.  Love does NOT dictate, Love though is His command.  He is love and we are created in His image.  Therefore, we can not reflect Him - 
if we have not love. 
Love has 3 facades - it MUST be sincere - IT does not fail - it is humble and not proud. (this in part) 
So, from here - ALL hope against All Hope - BELIEVE
Am led to: Matthew 18:22-35  again. "Okay God - what am i to see?  Open the eyes of my heart - 
to Your Counsel that is indeed, ALL hope in which may believe." 
Here I pause - to study - to see.
Jesus answered, " I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times." ...22-34... 35b..."forgive your brothers from your heart." 
As we have been forgiven, we are to forgive.  Times without number! Forgive with a sincere heart.
Just as love must be sincere, so must our forgiveness be.
 And we are enabled to do this - NOT in our own strength - in Gods Sovereignty. How?  He knows the need OF EACH ! ...and GOOD ARE His plans - 
Against ALL hope - in HOPE - Believe.
This, the JOY in Gods Sovereignty continued - full circle... 
that LOVE - which IS God - may abound.
An appropriate lesson as His Living Word here this hour... indeed.
Forgive my debtors as my debts have been forgiven.  Press on and DO and BE ALL He designed me to be.  Work hard with my own hands continually.
Take care of all that can with what that work provides.  Do not be frivolous - but also - NEVER be cheap.  Give as been given to.  Forgive as been forgiven too.  When motive of heart is sincere here - Gods sincerity is reflected too... AND THAT is what we are called to do.  Do NOT be a hypocrite.  Be thankful, and humble and sincerely care.  God is the keeper of all things, just as He is the Creator of all things.  His records will accurately keep all, we need not fret... we need not judge.
NOT only do we need not to - we ARE NOT TO ! 
This, what I see loud and clear here my Lord. "May I have eyes to see, ears to hear, heart to heed.  Sound doctrine.  Let me NOT be deceived.  Be the hedge of protection - and restoration.  Give the enemy NO footholds with my failings.... or the failings of others against me! NEVER forget lessons learned - YET above this and these - forgive 'seventy - seven times' meaning without measure - simply fully and sincerely., forgive completely. "  We need not be afraid to forgive - but we do need to be afraid if we don't forgive.  Why ? Because that is how we ALL got here.  BY GRACE.
Give as have been given to; fogive as have been forgiven.  Without measure -
simply with ALL.
Against ALL hope - in ALL hope
and it will be with you-

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faith Lived

 Detail From Pastel"Sapped In A Snap" painted after a hurricane went through.  Seemed appropriate for today's "In His Light... Before The Dawn" that titled Faith Lived.... Again to save time, simply photographed the journal pages.

WE all may press on with THANKS be TO GOD... with GREAT Faith in ALL Hope... In Him
GODspeed.  In Him the AMEN IS spoken <>< <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Monetary over Destiny
Practical over Practicable
"Can taste..." no waste
if partake, or is the
Opposite at stake?
As watch the glow climax in
the sunrises sky, Blue Jay
Squawks his "thank you" for seed-
Ponder which sense to heed.
"Where your treasure is there is
Your heart shall be"
"...the truth will set you free"
To live then - in
The way, the truth, the life
By grace without disgrace
Press on
And run a good race
And then you will know
Freed to be ALL designed to be
Free to flow
To go
To grow

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

 "A Natural Path" Acrylic. All rights reserved by the artist. ANY image you want to see larger, just click on it, and it should enlarge for you.  AGAIN for sake of time, simply photographed Journal pages... hope that you can read my writing.  God bless, GODspeed... May it be an UP day!  K

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Sun Setting On The Blue Moon Rising - Oil On Linen delivered for an exhibit today too.  For sake of time, simply adding photograph of the actual Journal Page.... That have come to call "In His Light... Before The Dawn"