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Christ The Bridge- Trinity ...mission to benefit...

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 This is how the inspiration for a painting began... over 15 years ago, and only recently began and completed.  From these passages in the Bible.. am sharing here, pictures of my second and third Bibles. As an artist, who majored in illustration at Parson's School of Design in NY... as read these passages over the years, they had a pull on my spirit to illustrate them.  Many look at these and as the heading title states "The Baptism Of Jesus" is what is pictured.  I was drawn to more than that... here and only in a small number of passages in the Bible's entirety is a clear inclusion of the Three Persons, One God, The Trinity.  'Paint The Trinity' spoke to me every time that I turned here. Well, as you can imagine, THAT THOUGHT is just a WEE BIT INTIMIDATING.

Me? Not able to do this justice God... haughty thought to attempt to paint such a painting ?????? just a few of the pondering thoughts.  On
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April 21st, my middle child's 23rd Birthday is when was led to these Scriptures again in study, a re-emphasis that now, in a manor that can't really describe, simply a pull on my heart that NOW just may be the when to do this.
Time and place to illustrate, in the present; the Living Word of God. Being on my son's birthday, along with the events of the day made me ask myself, "the boys?" "Are they to be the models" "hmmm, they at 21, and 23... just
 too young" Alas, Confess, felt a wee bit like Jonah, after all these thoughts, surely I am not hearing correctly.  All the same doubts of my ability swirled. These all in the forefront this Saturday... and even for how the proceeds from the painting were to be shared in 33% increments plus 1% set in another spot, therefore again the three in one of the Trinity speaking out.
Pondered all of these in my heart, thinking just another one of my thinking toooooooooooo much again, pondering.
So, Sunday morn, thought still there, heartache from events unrelated to these thoughts...
that life purpose question, "What good has resulted from my life" Ecclesiastes... a chasing after the wind, ponder this time. Turn my mind off and heading to church now Sunday morn.

Pastor Matt had news to share with his congregation this Sunday morn.
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I included here a picture of my journal notes from that morn. A confirmation of NOW was heard in The Bridge Church need.  A Benefit for the Church... and a confirmation of her new home, and that somehow this painting was to hang where those doors opened.  Confirmation of even who the models were to be... see the picture from journal.
Now what am i to do?  These people are going to think that i am CRAZY! Model is just that.... model.  Yes, Norman Rockwell, N.C. Wyeth, Illustrators use models.  I was about to ask for a couple of doozies... however you spell it. Models for Christ, and John the Baptist. Confirmed at church that sunday as if God was audibly speaking to me, Pastor Matt Christ Jesus, and Mike M. John the Baptist. The significance of each NO coincidence.  Matt the Pastor that performed my believers Baptism, Mike M. a spiritual father and mentor and literal angel here on earth for me and my household.  If Dr. David Seamonds if still living shares the mentor role, but M.M. even has the burly look... still in character from his playing a disciple in the Maundy Thursday Service at my other church home. Christ U.M.C. where I raised my children, and am still a member of.  NO coincidences at all... and a further definition of the THREE for one ministry Trinity. 33% x 3 + 1% a new ministry. I have no clue... JUST know these the incriments spoken clearly to my heart to do... sooooooooooooooooooo I press on and ponder how to share.

 Have you ever asked your Pastor and Spiritual Father to get in the gulf, and model for a painting before?  Can you imagine trying to explain to them why the request for that. Pastor Matt did share with me after he figured out what I was asking him to do, that this was a first.
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M.M. didn't think me quite as odd, he has been asked to be a Biblical character before. SO, it took a few weeks to get the timing to work for all to meet, at the gulf, when the wind was still, the water calm, no work interference, and poor Mike was coming off of a horrible flu that kept him from a board meeting trip. So, just like any good photographer has to do so that their models can be in character... I showed them this thumbnail sketch. The photograph that had for the inspiration for the sky (purple and gold literally for the Majesty) AND most importantly...
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The Scripture that was illustrating.  Matthew 3:13-17 context, specifically inspired by the latter. Where the Trinity is clearly seen. Here the page from my journal that showed them:
SO from showing them these pages... they as the awesome sports that they were, proceeded into the gulf for me to model for this painting.

The from inspiration to completion for The Bridge temporal New Home 7 weeks.  From then to today, well um it just so happens April 21, 2012 to June 21st, 2012. Three calendar months touched. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ok, THEN Pastor Matt stated he would leave it to my expertese to share, print, turn to benefit.... THAT Part two of this journey... AS TODAY I share with you the painting, that events were amazingly orchestrated to enable the time and place and subjects to do.  HOW it is to be a benefit... and new Mission remains to be seen.  Stay tuned for part two:
Christ The Bridge - Trinity...

Christ The Bridge Trinity- Oil on Linen - K.Hitt - 2012 Copyrighted(click to enlarge)
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and here are some details of the Painting...

Christ The Bridge Trinity - detail, oil on linen - copyright K.Hitt

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